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Baptisms and Marriages in the
Catholic Parish of Aughnamullen West

These are baptisms and marriages of McGoughs and McGeoughs listed in the records of the Catholic parish of Aughnamullen West at Latton, county Monaghan, Ireland. I have also listed the baptisms in which a McGough or McGeough is listed as a sponsor. The microfilm at the National Library in Dublin from which this information was extracted is difficult to read and interpret. Some of these baptisms are listed by Ann McGeough Harney on her page: Baptisms for Aghnamullen West Parish, Co Monaghan. She lists baptisms from February 15, 1841, through December of 1859. I added entries to the end of the microfilm records in 1875. Because of difficulties in interpreting the microfilm of the handwritten records, some of my names differ from hers. Because of the helter-skelter way the records were kept, dates are hard to interpret, and the reader will find some differences between my interpretations of dates and those of Ann McGeough Harney.

The first names were usually written in the priest's version of Latin. In my tables based directly on the parish records, I have tried to duplicate the names as they were written. For example, James usually became Jacobus; John, Joannes or sometimes Johanness; Hugh, Hugo; Peter, Petrus; Mary, Maria; and Rose, Rosa.

Before 1868, the record showed only the date of baptism, the name of the child, and the names of the sponsors. My guess is that sometimes the names of the parents were used as sponsors. Sometimes the maiden name of the mother (or married sponsor) was used, and at other times the married name. At the beginning of 1868, additional spaces were added for the names of the father and mother and the name of the townland in which the parents lived (domicilium). I have changed the names of the townlands to the modern spellings.

The marriage records of the parish available on microfilm at the National Library in Dublin extend from February 2, 1841 to November 30, 1867. These marriages appear in the third table. In the "Comments" column of all the tables, I have noted cross-references between baptisms and marriages where I have found them.

On January 30, 2004, Peadar Murnane of Ballybay, Ireland, sent me a list he has compiled of "McGeough" baptisms in Latton from 1841 to 1865. This has enabled me to add several names to this table. The entries I made directly from the parish records try to preserve the different spelling of the surname in the original records, usually McGough, Magough, Mcgough, or McGeough. Peadar lists all variation of the surname as McGeough. When I note that an entry in this table is from Peadar Murnane's list, therefore, the spelling of the surname will always be McGeough—regardless of the spelling in the original record. Where Peadar has been able to interpret a name I could not read from the sometimes indecipherable microfilm copy of the parish records that I examined, and where his reading of a name differs from mine, I have noted that in the right hand column. Since Peadar is a native and noted historian of county Monaghan, his spellings are to be preferred (except as to McGough versus McGeough).


Date Child Sponsor Sponsor Comments
8 April 1841 Anna Mcgough Francisius McGough Brigida McGough  
20 April 1841 Anna Mcgough Francisius McGough Brigida Mcgough  
26 May 1841 Mary Donaghy Michael Mullan Lecilia McGough  
29 June 1841 Catharina McGough Patritius Mc ... Catherine Kelly Peadar Murnane lists the first sponsor as Patrick Kelly.
July 1841 Edward McGeough Edward Glenn Elizabeth Burns From Peadar Murnane's list.
19 July 1841 Catharina McGough Hugo McKenna Cath. McGough  
14 September 1841 Judith Gibson Jacobus McGough Maria Branigan  
February 1842 Margaret McGeough John McMahon Mary Sheridan From Peadar Murnane's list.
15 March 1842 Thomas Mcgough Jacobus McCaghy Maria McCaghy Peadar Murnane lists the sponsors as James and Mary McCabe.
15 Apr 1842 Maria Mcgough Michael McGough Maria Clark Maria McGough married Benjamin Clark on January 7, 1842.
16 May 1842 Maria McDonald Bernardus Magough Catherine McGee Catherine McGeough married Hugo McGee on March 7, 1841.
18 September 1842 Marg. McGough Michael McEnally Alicia McEnally Peadar Murnane lists the name of the child as Mary McGeough.
19 November 1842 Margarita Mcgough Hugo Brines Anna Brines  
26 November 1842 Franciscus McGough Franciscus McGough Brigida McGough A duplicate of the entry on 9 March 1843?
29 November 1842 Michael McDonnell Petrus McGough Sara McDonnell  
30 November 1842 Patricius McGough Patricius McGough Maria McGough  
5 December 1842 Eliza McGough Eliza McGough Annie do ? Peadar Murnane lists the second sponsor as Ann Duffy.
7 December 1842 Johannes Riely Johannes Riely Maria McGough  
2 February 1843 Patrick McGough Bernardus Nolita Maria Duffy Ann Harney and Peadar Murnane read "Bernard Nolita" as "Bernard Walsh."
10 February 1843 Brigida McGough Franciscus McGough Cath.a Gilleer ? (Catherine Gillan)  
20 February 1843 Brigida McElroy Patricus McGough Brigida McGough  
24 February 1843 Patricus Sherlock Franciscus McGough Brigida McGough  
3 March 1843 Bernardus Hoy Patricus McGough Maria Sealy  
9 March 1843 Franciscus McGough Franciscus McGough Brigida McGough A duplicate of the entry on 26 November 1842?
12 June 1843 Anna McGough Thomas McShean Anna McCabe  
20 June 1843 Patricius O'Heir ? Jacobus McGeough Anna Duffy  
November 1843 Philip McGough Philip Crossan Mary McCabe From Peadar Murnane's list.
30 November 1843 Patricus Smith Patricus McGough Maria McCabe Jacobus McGough married Maria McCabe on February 5, 1842.
4 January 1844 Anna McGough Thomas Donald (or Donaghy) Judith Donald (or Donaghy) Peadar Murnane reads Donald as Donaghy
21 January 1844 Eugenius Connolly Eugenius McGough Hugh McGough ?  
4 February 1844 Jacobus Gaveny Philippus Hanaran Anna McGough  
15 February 1844 Catharina Sepblaigter Gabrielnses? McGough Quigly ?  
12 May 1844 Thomas Cavenagh Franciscus McGough Maria McGough  
18 June 1844 Jacobus McGough Bernardus Mcgough Cath. Sherlock  
13 July 1844 Agnes McGeough Johannes Conlon Eliza Conlon  
6 August 1844 Jacobus McGeough Patricius Duffy Rosa Duffy  
31 October 1844 Patricius McGough Jacobus McGough Mar'gt McMahon Peadar Murnane lists the second sponsor as Mary McMahon.
3 November 1844 Patricius Magough Bernardus Minighan Anna Minighan Peadar Murnane lists the sponsors as James and Ann Murnihan.
5 January 1845 Patricus Gibson Jacobus Mcgough Maria McCabe Jacobus McGough married Maria McCabe on February 5, 1842.
15 January 1845 Thomas Magough Patricius Carroll Maria McMahon  
16 January1845 Bernardus Magough Patricus Morris Anna Morris  
23 February 1845 Bernardus Magough Bernardus Magough Anna Murnahan  
23 February 1845 Cath. Magough Jacobus Magough Cath. McNally  
18 March 1845 Eleanora McCoy Patricius McGough Eleanora Couens  
4 May 1845 Edwardus McGough Bernardus McGough Brigida McGough  
19 July 1845 Michael McDonald Patricius Magough Rosa Magough  
14 December 1845 Maria Magough Petrus Magough Marie Magough  
29 January 1846 Petrus Magough James Coyle Brigida Duffy Peadar Murnane lists the first sponsor as John Coyle.
October 1846 Eugene McGeough Eugene McGuigan Mary McGuigan From Peadar Murnane's list
18 October 1846 Catherine McGeough Francis Sherlock Mary Sherlock From Peadar Murnane's list
20 October 1846 Catharina Magough Franciscus Magough xxxgh Mahon Probably corrected by the entry of 29 November 1846. Peadar Murnane lists the second sponsor as Ann Sherlock.
8 November 1846 Felix Magough Michael McNally Alicia McNally  
29 November 1846 Cathrina Magough Franciscus McMahon Maria McMahon Mageough was crossed out after "Franciscus" and "McMahon" inserted. This is probably a corrected entry for that of 20 October 1846.
6 January 1847 Terantius Gipson Franciscus McGough Cath. Cariefica  
7 April 1847 Michael Magough Maria Duffy Johannes Duffy  
18 April 1847 Catharine McGeough Francisco Mac Nally ? Gratia McNally ? Peadar Murnane lists the second sponsor as Catherine McNally.
22 April 1847 Catharina McGeough Francisco Kelly Catherine McNally See the entry for 18 April 1847.
? June 1847 Joannes McGeough Jo? Floody Cath. McNally Peadar Murnane lists the first sponsor as John Floody.
8 June 1847 Euginia McGeough Benjamin McCabe Rosa McCabe  
18 August 1847 Denis McGeough Bernard McCabe Rose McCabe From Peadar Murnane's list. Probably his reading of my 8 June 1847 entry for Euginia (Eugene) McGough.
1 October 1847 Brigida McGough Johanes Conolly Brigida McManus ? Ann Harney reads McManus as McKenna.
20 February 1848 Patricius McGeough Patricius Murnahane Maria Finegan ? Peadar Murnane lists the sponsors as Patrick Murnihan and Mary Finlay.
23 May 1848 Catharina Ganeny Bernardus McGough Maria Hanaran  
1 March 1848 Brigida Mcgough Buall Mcgough Cath. Duffy  
15 August 1848 Patricius McGough Thomas McGough Maria Giland Peadar Murnane lists the second sponsor as Mary Floody.
? October 1848 Elizabetha McGeough Thos. Daly ? Elizabetha Daly ? Peadar Murnane lists the date as 18 September 1848.
10 November 1848 Margarita McGough Hugo McGough Maria Conlon  
13 December 1848 Catharina McArdle Jeanine McGough Theresa McNally  
15 February 1849 Catherina Calahan Johannes McGough Sara Brines  
12 May 1849 Joannes McGeough Bernardo Briens Anna Githan Baptism at hospital. Peadar Murnane reads the second sponsor as Ann Callan.
June 1849 Brigid McGeough Patrick Sheridan Rachel McCabe From Peadar Murnane's list.
11 August 1849 Hugo McGeough Rosa Hand    
2 October 1849 Michael Moore Jacobus Moen Maria McGough  
12 November 1849 Jacobus Carroll Edwardus Hernihan Bridgetta McGeough Baptism at hospital.
18 December 1849 Jacobus Kernan Patricius McGough Cy'k Kernan  
28 January 1850 Thomas McGeough Thomas McGeough    
17 February 1850 Franciscus Brines Franciscus McGough Anna McGough  
19 February 1850 Jacobus McGough Patricius Floody Ellen Magough Ann Harney and Peadar Murnane read the name of the first sponsor as "Patricius Floody," although I make it out as "Patricius Hardy." See my page: The Great Seattle Fire—Don't Blame Jimmie McGough.
9 October 1850 Anna McGough Franciscus McNally (or McNulty) Anna Conlon Peadar Murnane reads McNally as McNulty.
1 December 1850 Patrici Walch Terentius Daly Rosa Mcgough  
20 January 1851 Laurentius Cavanagh Laurentius Cavanagh Brigida Mcgough  
27 April 1851 Petrus McGee Bernardus McGough Maria Mullan  
29 August 1851 Maria Mcgough Rosa McDonell   Peadar Murnane lists the second sponsor as Rose McDonnell.
12 October 1851 Patricius McGough Patricius McCabe Rosa McCabe  
18 December 1851 Rose McGeough Bernard Monaghan Honora Monaghan From Peadar Murnane's list.
18 December 1851 Bernardus Murnihan Patricius Murnihan Catherina Mcgough Patricius Murnihan and Catherine McGough were married on February 28, 1843.
11 January 1852 Johannes Smith Johannes Boyle Catherine Mcgough  
17 March 1852 Patricius McGough Michael Duffy Alicia Duffy  
29 March 1852 Marg't Anster Jacobus Coyle Anna McGough  
7 April 1852 Alicia McGough Maria McMahon    
26 July 1852 Eleonara McGough Johannes McGough Eleonara McGough  
20 February 1853 Patricius Ganeny Eleonora McGough    
5 March 1853 Francis McGough Pat Conlon Anne Conlon  
13 November 1853 Anna Mighty Smyth John McGough Ann Quigly  
5 February 1854 Eugene McGough Felix McGough Anne McGough  
6 February 1854 Peter McGough Thos. Donahoe Anna Daly Peadar Murnane lists the first sponsor as Thomas Donaghy.
18 February 1855 John McGeough James McGeough Mary McGeough From Peadar Murnane's list.
23 May 1855 John McGough Jas. McGough Lara Gaffney Peadar Murnane lists the second sponsor as Sarah Gaffney.
29 May 1855 Pat. McGough Laurence Keenan Kath. McGough  
19 August 1855 Catherine McGough Eohey Dowd Cath. McBride Peadar Murnane lists the fist sponsor as John Dowd.
5 September 1855 Catherine Lennon Margaret McGough    
14 July 1856 Anne McNally Denis Duffy Cath McGough  
10 October 1856 Johannes Carroll Laurentius ? Mcgough Elan" McGough  
8 November 1856 Francis McGough Pat'k Gillon Anne Duffy Peadar Murnane lists the first sponsor as Pat Gillen.
8 November 1856 Bernard McGough Owen McGough Honora Monahan  
19 November 1856 Catherin. McGough Bernard McGough C. Shirlock Peadar Murnane lists the second sponsor as Catherine Sherlock.
14 December 1856 Johannes McGough Jacobus McGough Maria McGough  
14 December 1856 Johannes Mcgough Johannes Huifte ? Cath. Keenan Peadar Murnane lists the first sponsor as John Smith.
18 December 1856 Catherina Magough Patricius McCabe Cath. Daly  
31 January 1857 Ellen McGough Michael McGough Mary McGough  
5 April 1857 Eugenius McGough Edio'th Conlon Elisa Murphy Peadar Murnane lists the sponsors as Edward Conlan and Ellen Murphy.
11 April 1857 Maria Farrell Johannes Mcgough Marg xxx  
24 April 1857 Thomas Mcgough Johannes Fitzpatrick Anna Magough  
26 October 1857 Nora Finley Jacobus Finley Rosa Mcgough  
28 October 1857 Thomas O'Donahoo Petrus Mcgough Cath. Conlon  
8 November 1857 Francis McGough Patrick Gillon    
12 January 1858 Johannes McGough Patricius McGiveran Eleanora McGough Peadar Murnane lists the first sponsor as Patrick McGivern.
23 May 1858 Brigida Mcgough Jacobus McGough Thomas Gabeary Peadar Murnane lists Ellen Gaveney as the second sponsor.
16 July 1858 Terentius Carroll Johannes McGough Eleonara McGary  
18 October 1858 Anna McCabe Jacobus McCabe Martha Mcgough  
21 October 1858 Cathearina Mcgough Johannes Lennon Brigida Mcgough  
25 January 1859 Bernardus McGough Michael McGough Ellen McGough  
8 April 1859 Brigida Keenan Patricus Keenan Catherina Mcgough  
12 October 1859 Elenora Mcgough Jacobus Magough ? Rosa Magough  
14 October 1859 Michael McGough Jawgin Killaret Mira Minahan Peadar Murnane records the sponsors as James and Mary M. Monaghan.
8 December 1859 Maria Mcgough Bernardus Monaghan Catharina Conlon  
22 April 1860 Catherina Hand Petrus Mcgough Cath. Duffy  
4 May 1860 Johannes Carothers Maria Mcgough    
2 July 1860 Johannes Keenan Andreas Mcgough Catharina Carraher  
11 February 1861 Patricius Ward Johannes Monaghan Anna Mcgough  
21 July 1861 Elenora Carroll Jacobus Mcgough Annie Carroll  
11 August 1861 Petritt Conlon Petrus Conlon Cath. Mcgough  
18 August 1861 Maria Mcgough Michael Mcgough Margarita McAtee  
16 October 1861 Maria Mcgough Michael Mcgough Margarita McAtee A double entry?
26 October 1861 Anna Mcgough Johannes Mcgough Maria Mcgough  
24 November 1861 Andreas Mcgough     No sponsors. Entry may have been crossed out.
24 November 1861 Edwardus Mcgough Rosa McElroy Cornelius McElroy  
22 January 1862 Michael McGough Johannes McGough Eleonora McGough  
12 June 1862 Catherina McGough Elanora Conlon Patrick Brennan  
22 August 1862 Petrus Mcgough Patricius McGough Maria Floody  
21 September 1862 Mcgough ?      
18 October 1862 Hugh McGeough Patrick Brennan   From Peadar Murnane's list.
18 November 1862 James McGeough Michael Lynch Rose Murray From Peadar Murnane's list.
20 April 1863 Maria Mcgough Thomas Canena ? Margarita Daly Peadar Murnane lists the first sponsor as Thomas Cavanagh.
7 May 1863 John Mcgough Edwardus McCabe Maria Mcgough  
16 May 1863 Catherina Mcgough Thomas Keenan Maria McElroy  
26 July 1863 Catharina Farrell Johannes Mcgough Nora Farrell  
18 January 1864 Mary A. McGeough James McGeough Bridgid Magennis From Peadar Murnane's list.
5 July 1864 Maria Conlon Hugo Mcgeough Anna Conelossagh  
17 October 1864 Johannes McCabe Johannes Keenan Anna Mcgough  
13 January 1865 Thomas Sheridan Arthurius Deery Catharine Mcgough  
February 1865 Mary McGeough Michael Smith Catherine Keenan From Peadar Murnane's list. This is probably his interpretation of my next entry.
3 June 1865 ? Anna ? Mcgough Michael Lucid ? Catharina Kerwan Probably the baptism recorded by Peadar Murnane as Mary McGeough in February 1865.
September 1865 Sarah McGeough Felix Cavanagh Margaret McGeough From Peadar Murnane's list. Possibly a duplicate of my next entry.
1 September 1865 Sara Mcgough Patricius McMahon Anna McMahon Corman and Nora McGough are also noted as sponsors.
18 January 1866 Margaret McGeough James Crow Catherine Cavanagh From Peadar Murnane's list.
5 February 1866 Annie Hanrahan Patricius Mcgough Annie Conlin ? Patricius McGough and Anna Conelly were married on February 4, 1845.
1 September 1866 Terentius McCabe Eugenius Mcgough Brigida Mcgough  
20 April 1866 Brigida Farrell Johannes McGough Brigida Philips  
7 December 1866 Michael McGough Firt ? (Felix) Mcgough Maria McCabe The IGI lists a Michael McGough born on December 7, 1866, whose parents were Bernard McGough and Rose McCabe. (Raferagh 46).
7 January 1867 Elizabetha McGough Jacobus McGough Cath. Conlon  
23 January 1867 Michael Conlon Johannes Conly Maria Mcgough  
18 August 1868 Patricius Mcgough Johannes McGoverin Mahra ? Mcgough Peadar Murnane lists the sponsors as John McGivern and Ellen McGeough.


More Baptisms

Date Child Father Mother Domicilium Sponsor Sponsor Comment
21 January 1868 Brigida Magough Patritius Magough Ellena Conlon Corgreagh Franciscius Conlon Anna Gillen  
22 June 1869 Catharina McGough Bernardus McGough Rosa McCabe Corrachara Charolus McCabe Anne McGough A Bernard McGough and a Nora (perhaps Rose) McCabe were married in Latton on February 9, 1858.
2 August 1869 Eleanora McGough Fra. McGough Margarita Kavanagh Cormeen Edwardus McGough Maria Anna Gough  
5 November 1869 Helena McGeough Joannes McGeough Rosa Reily Lisgillan Jacobus Reilly Maria Carroll  
24 September 1870 Elisabeth McGeogh John McGeogh Anna McGivern Lisgillan Thomasill McGeogh Margarita Gernan  
27 September 1870 Francis McGeogh Francis McGeogh Elizabeth Donahy Drumgor Francis Donahy Margart McGeogh  
28 November 1870 Anne McGeoagh Peter McGeoagh Hillary Brines Tattybrack Thomas Conly Jane Briens The father and mother should probably be Peter McGeough and Mary Brines
12 December 1870 Rose McGeough John McGeough Rose Reily Lisgillan Patrick McGeough Catherina Oltwell  
1 March 1871 Margarita McGeogh Cornelius [Francis] McGeogh Margarita McGeogh Cormeen Michael Cavanagh Maria Cavanagh Cornelius McGeogh should probably be Francis McGeough. Margarita McGeogh's maiden name was probably Margaret Kavanagh.
17 September 1871 Thomas McGeough Joannes McGeough Brigita Hanlon Tamlat Petrus Shannon Maria Shannon Several more McGough-Hanlon births are listed below.
13 September 1872 Thomas McGeough Petrus McGeough Brigita Lennon Tamlat Hugo Lennon Maria Lennon A computerized compilation lists this baptism on January 23, 1872.
6 April 1872 Hugo McGeough Petrus McGeough Maria Brines Drumgor Joannes Farrell Maria Farrell I have a note that his family sent Hugh to an industrial school in Galway
12 December 1873 Patritius McGeough Franciscius McGeough Maria Calkeenan (Kavanagh) Cormeen Joannes Finigan Margarita Finigan A computerized list shows the date of this baptism as July 12, 1873, and the mother as Margaret Keenan (Kavanagh).
At this point on the microfilm I reviewed, several pages were too dim to read.  
31 August 1874 Petrus McGeough Patritius McGeough Sara McCabe Garrybane Petrus Murnihan Anna McCabe  
16 July 1875 Thomas McGeough Bernardus McGeough Elizabetha Donaghy Drumgor ? Thomas Donaghey Rosa McGeough  
1 October 1875 Jacobus McGough Patritius McGough Sara McCabe Garrybane Petrus Conlan Catherina McGeough  



These are the McGough/McGeough marriage records available on microfilm at the National Library in Dublin.

Date Groom Bride Witness Witness Comments
2 Feb 1841 Matheus Mcgough Catharina Meglone Johannes McCabe Redmund McCabe First entry in book "Registorium Matrimoniale"
? Mar 1841 Hugo McGee Catharina McGeough Francis McGeough Jacobus McGee  
?Jan 1842 Benjamin Clark Maria McGough Francisius Clark Ternarius McGough  
5 Feb 1842 Jacobus McGough Maria McCabe Michael McCabe Petrus McNaughtan  
25 Jan 1843 Eugenius McGough Brigid Donahy Jacobus Conlon Fran. Coyle  
28 Feb 1843 Patricius Murnihan Catherina McGough Johannes Donaghy Edwardus Murnihan  
16 Feb 1844 Hugo McGough Brigida Lamb Patricius Duffy Patricius Murnihan  
4 Feb 1845 Patricius McGough Anna Conelly Eugenius Lacy Anna Carraghan  
21 Oct 1845 Jacobus McBride Maria Magough Patricius Shick Petrus Magough  
16 Nov 1845 Hugo Magee Catherina Larkin Francisius Magough Joanna Magough  
23 Feb 1846 Joannes Conlon Margarita DaFritan ? Thom McGeough Joannes Conlon  
24 Jul 1846 Gulie Ciniel ? McGeough Horia McCabe Michael Hand Joannes Mulca  
11 Dec 1846 Jacobus Magough Rosa Fludy Eugenius McDonald Cath McNally  
17 Jan 1847 Petrus Duffy Magarita Magough Franciscus Carraher Edwardus Carraher  
23 Jan 1848 Jacobus Lorinock Joannes McGeough      
28 Oct 1848 Johannes Smith Brigida Ker Birnardus McGough Philippus Dawd  
28 Oct 1848 Petrus Lennon Eleanora Barncan Michael Mcgough Patricius Carroll  
6 Feb 1850 Francisius Conlon Anna Hughes Francius McGeough Thomas Clarkin  
3 Feb 1851 Edwardus Monahan Maria Magough Michael Fitzpatrick Maria Fitzpatrick  
4 May 1851 Michael Mcgough Maria McGough Maria Hyland Calia McMahon Groom's name is spelled with a small g, bride's with a capital G
3 Feb 1852 Patricius Magough Ellenora Conlan Francisous Magough Edwardus Conlan  
24 Feb 1852 Patricius Magough Anna Conlan Joanes Walsh Ross McEnary  
25 Feb 1852 Michael McEnally Catharine Duffy Joannes Duffy Patrick Magough  
23 May 1852 Johannes Carroll Sara Mcgough Terentius Mcgough Jacobo Carroll  
21 Aug 1852 Francis Deery Anna McGough Jacobus Donoly Jacobo Coyle  
29 Oct 1852 Patricius Sheridan Susanna Boylan Patricius Waters Patricius McGough  
3Jun1853? Hugh McGough Mary McGough Mary Shrick A part of a list filmed upside down. Apparently, not part of the regular records.  
x xxx 1853 Francis Deary Anna McGough Eugenis Clarkin Helena O'Dowd  
6 Feb 1854 Thomas Donahoe Anna Daly Peter McGough    
9 Jun 1854 Jacobus Carroll Helena McGough Bernardus Carroll    
x xxx 1855 Peter McGough Catharina Donaghy Joannes Donaghy Bernard Donaghy Supplemental entry without a clear date.
20 Feb 1855 Peter McKenna Catharine Sherlock Petro McMahon Eugenio McGough  
5 May 1856 Pat McCabe Cath Linyth Mary Coyle Peter McGough 3d column: Mira Coyle ?
18 Aug 1857 Michael McMahon Margarita Mcgough Edwardus McAnerney Maria McAnerny  
9 Feb 1858 Bernardus Mcgough Rose McCabe Edwardus McCabe Jacobus McCabe Rose looks like "Nora."
13 Mar 1858 Jacobus McElroy Catharina McKenna Franciscus Mcgough Johanes Mcgough  
29 Sep 1859 Eugenius Keenan Catharina Mcgough Leslie R Keenana Bartholomew Hand  
4 Dec 1859 Bernardus Monaghan Cake Cosit Maria Mcgoughy    
18 Dec 1859 Johannes Maguire Catharina Daly Rosa Mcgough    
5 Jul 1862 Johannes Branigan Eleanora McGough      
18 Feb 1863 Franciscus Mcgough Margarita Cavenagh Thomas Cavenagh Felix Cavenagh  
8 Mar 1865 Jacobus McGough Brigida McGiverin Maria McGough (sponsor)    
14 Sep 1867 Michael McGough Eleonara Conlon Patrics Duffy Morina Clark  
30 Nov 1867 Jacobus Camiskey Brigida McGough Edwardus Camiskey Margarita McDonnel  

Peadar Murnane furnished me with a compilation of baptisms in the parish of Aughnamullen West at Latton arranged by family. In this compilation, all forms of McGough are spelled McGeough. I have arranged the families in the following table according to the alphabetical order of the mother's maiden name, then by chronological order of the births of the children. Peadar also furnished me with some handwritten notes showing McGeough baptisms in the parish of Aughnamullen East. The names from these note are includes in the following table with the names in italics. The names of persons whose births are recorded in other sources are also printed in italics. I have omitted families that were started after 1900.

The International Genealogical Index will be found under "Search for Ancestors" on the Family Search website of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. When I have found in that index a name in the table below, I have noted that information in the "Comments" column.

Mother's Name Father's Name Child's Name Baptism Date Comments
Mary Brines Peter McGeough Ann McGeough November 28, 1870 Spelled Briens in compilation. The baptismal records of Latton parish show an Anne McGeoagh born to Peter McGeoagh and Hilary Brines who was baptized on November 28, 1870, in the townland of Tattybrack. Hillary should probably be Mary. Peter McGeough may be the Peter McGough (261) who is shown as leasing a house, office, and 9 acres of land at £6/15s/ from Thomas Hamilton in Garrybane in 1858.
    Hugh McGeough April 6, 1872 Spelled Brians in compilation. The IGI spells the name Bryans and shows the birth date as April 17, 1872.
    John McGeough July 30, 1876  
    Margaret McGeough June 2, 1877  
    Mary A. McGeough November 1, 1878 Peadar Murnane's notes shows this baptism to be in the townland of Annaneese, Ballybay parish. Annaneese is one townland (Drumhillagh) north of the northern boundary of the parish of Aghnamullen.
Mary Brines Thomas McGeough Peter McGeough April 12, 1881 Peadar Murnane's notes show this baptism to be in the townland of Annaneese, Ballybay parish.
Mary Callan Patrick McGeough Catherine McGeough April 27, 1877 IGI - born in "Formiel."
Terence McGeough March 25, 1879 Peadar Murnane's notes shows this family in the townland of Formill.
    John J. McGeough May 3, 1882
Mary Callan James McGough Peter McGough Died in 1943 Peter McGough, who died in November of 1943, was the eldest son of James McGough and Mary Callan. Peter married Alice Brannigan, originally of Castleblayney, who died in November of 1953. Peter lived his adult life in Bellatrain where he and his wife operated a small shop. His name is given as Peter McGeough in the family tree.
Thomas McGough April 16, 1872 The IGI shows a Thomas McGeough born to James McGeough and Mary Calan on April 16, 1872. James McGough, the son of Peter McGough and Nancy McGurk, and James' wife Mary (Callan) McGough, died in November of 1908 and October of 1909, respectively, and are buried together in the Lough Egish Cemetery. Their gravestone describes their family and is #3 in McGough and McGeough Gravestone Inscriptions in County Monaghan, where I describe the cemetery as being in Aughnamullen East parish, south church, in the townland of Aghmakerr, near Tullynamalla Cross Road. For more, see McGoughs, McGeoughs, and McGeoghs in the Civil Parish of Aghnamullen under "Shantonagh Rectangle," and the following section: "Children of James McGough and Mary Callan."

Their son Thomas married Mary Ann Tumilty of the townland of Carrickadooey, which is at the northwest edge of the civil parish of Magheross and is next to the townland of Tullyglass in Aghnamullen, just west of Shantonagh. Thomas died in Carrickadooey in February 1930.

    Rose Ann McGeough October 19, 1879 Peadar Murnane's notes shows this family in the townland of Shantonagh. The IGI lists the birth on December 8, 1879, at "Thantonagh, Monaghan, Ireland." Rose Ann died in October of 1932. She married James Rudden of Ballyjamesduff, county Cavan, and is buried with her husband in Mt. Pleasant cemetery, Arlington, Massachusetts.
    Mary Ann McGough 1881 Died in January of 1917, according to the family gravestone. She was born in 1881 and married Patrick Cunningham of county Roscommon. Patrick died of blood poisoning on November 1, 1913. Mary Ann is buried with her husband in St. Paul's cemetery in Arlington, Massachusetts.
    Catherine McGeough About 1883 Catherine McGough died in 1969. She never married and is buried in St. Paul's cemetery in Arlington, Massachusetts. June (De Courcey) McGough says that Catherine always used the surname McGeough and signed her letters that way.
    Bernard McGeough September 7, 1883

Bernard McGough died in January of 1963. He was born in 1884, according to information furnished by the family, remained a bachelor, and resided on the family homestead in Shantonagh until his death. He was the last person with the surname McGough to live on the Shantonagh homestead. He is buried in the Lough Egish cemetery with his parents. The Shantonagh homestead was sold in 1969.

    Joseph McGough Died in March, 1906  
    James McGough Died in February, 1916 Other information is that he died in 1919 and is buried in St. Paul's cemetery in Arlington, Massachusetts. A note in the family history says: "Bachelor—Nevada U.S.A. (gold fields - hung)."
    Patrick McGeough Died Belmont, California in January of 1936. Patrick married and his wife gave birth to a son who died in infancy. Buried in St. Paul's cemetery, Arlington, Massachusetts.
Mary Calan John McGeough Mary McGeough February 26, 1872. The IGI lists this birth in "Monaghan, Ireland."
Ellen Conlon Patrick McGeough Brigid McGeough January 21, 1868 The parish records of marriages in the table above shows the marriage of Patrick Magough and Ellen Conlon on February 3, 1852.
    Patrick McGeough August 6, 1874  
    Elizabeth McGough December 7, 1866. The IGI lists Elizabeth McGough born to Patt McGough and Ellen Conlon on December 7, 1866, at Raferagh, Monaghan, Ireland.


Elizabeth Donaghy Francis McGeough Francis McGeough September 27, 1870 The original records show that Francis McGeogh and Elizabeth Donahy of the townland of Drumgor were the parents of Francis McGeogh, baptized on September 27, 1870. See the table above.
Elizabeth Donaghy Bernard McGeough Mary Ann McGeough April 9, 1873 Recorded in the IGI as April 7, 1873, where the parents' names are given as Bernard McGough and Elizabeth Donoghy.
    Thomas McGeough July 16, 1875 The parish records show that the "domicilium" of the parents was the townland of Drumgor.
    Brigid McGeough February 23, 1879 The IGI lists Bernard McGeough and "Elizabeth Donaher Mc Geough" as the parents of Bridget McGeough born in Monaghan, Ireland, on February 24, 1879.
    Bernard McGeough August 20, 1882 Spelled Donaghey in the compilation.
Mary Donnelly Edward McGeough Mary Ellenor McGeough No date given. A James Donoly is a sponsor of a baptism on August 21, 1852. See tables above.
    Francis McGeough April 28, 1878 Peadar Murnane's notes shows this baptism in the civil parish of Ballybay.
    James McGeough October 27, 1880
    Patrick McGeough June 7, 1883
    Murty McGeough November 30, 1886
Rose Duffy Luke McGeough Patrick McGeough December 16, 1892  
    Mary McGeough September 11, 1894  
    Eugene McGeough December 24, 1896  
    Eleanor McGeough January 23, 1899  
    James McGeough September 18, 1900  
    Luke McGeough April 10, 1903  
    Francis McGeough June 15, 1905  
    Catherine Ann McGeough September 17, 1907  
Mary Gartlan James McGeough Michael McGeough October 7, 1873 The IGI lists the birth Michael McGough on October 6, 1873, to James McGough and Mary Gartland, registered at Monaghan, Ireland.
    Margaret McGeough April 29, 1875 From the IGI
    Patrick McGeough January 19, 1878  
    James McGeough August 30, 1879  
    Patrick McGeough January 28, 1881 In the computerized compilation, this mother's name is listed as "Mary McGeough." My guess is that the mother's maiden name was either Mary Gartlan or Mary Hamill (below).
Catherine Gorman Arthur McGeough John McGeough November 30, 1888 Peadar Murnane's notes shows that this family was located in Cortaghart.
    Mary McGeough September 10, 1890


Mary Hamill James McGeough Bridget McGough January 29, 1881 IGI spells the father's name McGough, and says the birth was in Coraninty (?), Monaghan. This is probably the townland of Corrinenty in the civil parish of Magheross, which is a little over a kilometer south by southeast of Shantonagh in Aughnamullen East.
    Arthur Patrick McGeough April 17, 1883  
    Eugene McGeough May 24, 1885  
    Mary Ann McGeough April 9, 1889  
    Michael McGeough June 30, 1892  
Brigid Hanlon John McGeough Thomas McGeough September 17, 1871  
    Anthony McGeough June 4, 1874  
    Mary Ann McGeough December 3, 1876 The IGI records the birth of Mary Anne McGough on April 8, 1877, at Monaghan, Ireland. Parents were John McGough and Bridget McGough Hanlon.
    Margaret McGeough February 19, 1881 The mother's name is given as Margaret McGeough in the computerized compilation.
    John McGeough July 26, 1884 Spelled Bridget in the compilation.
Margaret Kavanagh Francis McGeough Eleanor McGeough August 14, 1869 This baptism is shown as August 2, 1869, in my notes of the original records of the parish, above. The parents are there shown as Francis McGough and Margaret Kavanagh. Francis McGeough and Margaret Cavenagh of the townland of Cormeen were married in Latton on February 18, 1863.
    Margaret McGeough March 1, 1871 The mother's name appears as "Margaret McGeogh" in the parish records and "Margaret McGeough" in the computerized compilation.
    Patrick McGeough July 12, 1873 My notes from the original parish records in the table above show the date of this baptism as December 12, 1873, the mother's maiden name as Calkeenan, and the "domicilium" of the parents as the townland of Cormeen. The computerized compilation shows the mother's maiden name as Keenan.
Catherine Keelaghan Patrick McGeough Bernard McGeough January 15, 1897 Peadar Murnane's notes place this family in the townland of Cortaghart. He says that Catherine Keelaghan was the sister of Frank, Eddie and James.
    Margaret E. McGeough November 30, 1898
    Francis McGeough January 5, 1901
    Catherine McGeough June 11, 1903
    Mary McGeough July 18, 1905
    Patrick McGeough March 25, 1907
Ann Kerr Michael McGeough Patrick McGeough June 13, 1879 Peadar Murnane's notes show this family in the townland of Cortaghart.
    Catherine McGeough September 12, 1884
    Hugh McGeough March 22, 1888  
Brigid Lennon Peter McGeough Thomas McGeough January 23, 1872 The original parish records show the date of this baptism as September 13, 1872, and the "domicilium" of the parents as the townland of Tamlat.
    John Anthony McGeough April 25, 1874  
    Anny Mary McGeough March 22, 1876  
    James Francis McGeough November 28, 1878  
    Rose McGeough June 26, 1882  
Rose McCabe Bernard McGeough Catherine McGeough June 22, 1869 The church records show that the "domicilium" of the parents was the townland of Corrachara. A Bernard McGough and a Nora (perhaps Rose) McCabe were married in Latton on February 9, 1858. This birth is in the IGI under McGough.
    Michael McGough December 7, 1866 The IGI lists the birth of Michael McGough to Bernard McGough and Rose McCabe on December 7, 1866, registered at Raferagh, Monaghan, Ireland.
Sarah McCabe Patrick McGeough Peter McGeough August 31, 1874 The parish records show that the "domicilium" of the parents was the townland of Garrybane.
    James McGeough October 1, 1875


    Michael McGeough February 16, 1877  
    Alice McGeough January 5, 1879  
    Patrick McGeough July 22, 1880  
Margaret McElroy Eugene McGeough John McGeough December 22, 1895  
    Ann McGeough February 11, 1897  
    Francis McGeough April 9, 1899  
Ann McGivern John McGeough Elizabeth McGeough September 24, 1870 The parish records show the "domicilium" of these parents as the townland of Lisgillan and the father's name as John McGeogh. Sponsors at this baptism were Thomas McGeogh and Margarita Gernan.
Ann McGivern Thomas McGeough Rose McGeough January 6, 1876  
    Mary McGough March 18, 1864 The IGI shows a Mary McGough born to Thomas McGough and Anne McGivern on March 18, 1864, registered at Dawsongrove, Monaghan, Ireland. The same birth— or perhaps a second Mary McGough born to the same parents—was registered at Cootehill, Monaghan, Ireland, on May 7, 1865
Rose Reilly John McGeough Ellen (Helen) McGeough November 5, 1869 My notes of the church records show the "domicilium" of the parents as the townland of Lisgillan. The IGI lists the birth of Ellen McGough on November 5, 1869, registered at Dawsongrove, Monaghan, Ireland. The father is listed as John McGough and the mother as Rose Reilly.
    Rose McGeough December 23, 1870 My notes of the church records show this baptism on December 12, 1870, and the "domicilium" of the parents as the townland of Lisgillan.
    Mary McGeough April 3, 1873 Recorded in the IGI as April 17, 1873, where the child's name is given as Mary Mc Gough and the parents as John McGough and Rose Reilly.
    John McGeough November 12, 1874  
    Catherine McGeough May 21, 1876  

For another interpretation of these records from 1842 to 1847, see the posting of February 12, 2008, by Richard O'Connell, on McGough Family Genealogy Forum entitled Monaghan Births—Baptisms.

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