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Notable McGoughs on the Net

As I searched the internet for genealogical information on McGoughs, I found many current references to contemporary McGoughs. Most of these references I have copied onto this page. I have not usually listed McGoughs who are on the Internet because of participation in sports activities. The entries are alphabetized by first name. McGoughs, McGeoughs and McGeoghs are included. Several entries for McGeoghs on the internet proved to be misspellings of McGeoch. I ordinarily do not list these.

All these names were mentioned in a website when I first listed them, and I created a link to the URL. As the links have gone dead, I have usually eliminated them—leaving the reader to use Google or equivalent search engine to find the person on the internet.

When there are many McGoughs included in a large collections of names on a single page of the internet, I have not usually included the names in the alphabetized list. For example, the Stardust spacecraft was launched on February 7, 1999 carrying microchips upon which over 500,000 names had been inscribed. Among the microchip names are Albert C. McGough, Armida B. McGough (twice), Cailin C. McGough, Callum D. McGough, David McGough, Donald McGough (on a second list), Elliott T. McGough. Julie A. McGough, Megan E. McGough, Michael P. McGough, Ron McGough, Sharon M. McGough, and Sherry A. McGough. These names are not in this list. The NASA website contains this notice:

"To the genealogy people: we've been receiving a lot of inquiries from people researching their family trees and who have discovered our microchip name listings. The names on the microchip were collected as a public outreach effort. We do not have any information or background on any of the people whose names were submitted, nor do we have any way of contacting these people."

The names of citizens of Clark County, Nevada, the home of many McGough families, are often published on the internet. For example, the unofficial voter list for the November, 1998, general election from the Clark County Election Department was published on the web page entitled General Election—1998. The list includes the names of 257,941 people who cast ballots in the election, including these McGoughs in Las Vegas: Annette McGough, Bart Craig McGough, Betty B. McGough, Eva M. McGough, Frances A. McGough, Joan McGough, Joseph Mortimer McGough, Lynda Y. McGough, Mary Ann McGough, Michael Kent McGough, Nicholas Henry McGough, Nicholas Thomas McGough, Richard Eugene McGough, Richard L. McGough, Richard L. McGough Jr., Robyn L. McGough, Roger McGough, Roger Keith McGough Jr., Rose Marie McGough, Virginia Suzanne McGough, and Zoe Ann McGough. The 1998/99 Clark County Nevada Secured Assessment Roll listed: Bart C. & Zoe Ann McGough, Betty McGough, Donald A. & Ermelinda McGough, Eva M. McGough, Joseph M. & Virginia S. McGough, Michael K. McGough, Nicholas & Frances McGough, Richard E. McGough, Richard L. & Lynda Y. McGough, Richard L., III, & Sara L. McGough, and Richard L. Jr. & Patricia McGough. These are examples of names on the internet that I have not included in my alphabetical listing of contemporary McGoughs.

Lawyers listed below will be found in the Martindale-Hubbell Lawyer Locator where the years of birth and admission to the bar, names of colleges and laws schools, addresses and phone numbers will be found. A better tool for a search of all states simultaneously is the Find a Lawyer feature of West's The medical doctors can be found in the AMA Physician Select On-Line Doctor Finder, where a date of graduation from medical school, names of medical schools and colleges, addresses, phone numbers, and other data will be found. McGough is usually entered in that index as Mc Gough. A search by physician name will work properly only if a space is entered between Mc and Gough. It is possible to perform a sounds-like search but the results are voluminous and bizarre.

Most of these names had a link to a website when first entered. When the link has gone dead, I have usually eliminated the link but retained the entry.

At the outset, I should give special mention to the McGough most often mentioned on the internet: Roger McGough, poet, now lives in Twickenham, England, but he remains at heart a Liverpudlian.

Other McGoughs who frequently appear on the internet are:

Amy M. McGough, Assistant Professor in the biological sciences department of Purdue University; Ph.D., University of Chicago, 1992.

Lucy S. McGough, Vinson and Elkins Professor of Law, the Law School at Louisiana State University. In addition to articles in both legal and social sciences periodicals, she has written three books: Let Them Be Judged; The Judicial Integration of the Deep South (1978) (with F. T. Read); Child Witnesses; Fragile Voices in the American Legal System (1994); and Commentary on Louisiana Children's Code (1998). Her articles and books are cited frequently on the internet.

James J. McGough, MD, University of California-Los Angeles School of Medicine, presenter of a Continuing Education Workshop on Advanced Assessment and Treatment of Complicated Attention Deficit Disorders at the 1998 convention of the American Psychological Association. James McGough, MD, Associate Clinical Professor, Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, UCLA Healthcare. James J. McGough, and Dennis P. Cantwell, "Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder", published in Neurobiological Disorders in Children and Adolescents, a book by Enid Peschel, Richard Peschel, Carol W. Howe, and James W. Howe (Editors). Jossey-Bass Publishers, MHS Suite 54, San Francisco, California; 1992.

James McGough, co-author with N. Harris, E Shapiro, and J. Fields of: The impact of a syringe-exchange program on HIV-associated sexual behavior among drug injectors in Seattle, Washington, USA. T. Ron Jackson, Arnold F. Wrede, L. David Murphy, Charlton Clay, Michael Hanrahan, James McGough, and Donald T. Reay Recent Drug Abuse Trends in the Seattle-King County Area; James McGough; Chilly Clay; E. Russell Alexander, Gail Hanson and Holly Hagan (Seattle-King County Department of Public Health) The Social Context of Needle-Associated and Sexual Risks among Methamphetamine Injectors in Seattle, Washington;Thiede H, Harris NV, McGough JP, Roberts B, Khabbaz RF, Kaplan JE. Prevalence of HTLV types I and II among drug users in King County, Washington. West J Med 1994 Jun;160(6):540–4. Comment in: West J Med 1994 Jun;160(6):576–7. Hagan H, McGough JP, Thiede H, et al. Syringe exchange and risk of infection with hepatitis B and C viruses. American Journal of Epidemiology. 1999;149:201–213; Harris N, Thiede H, McGough J, et al. Risk factors for HIV infection among injection drug users: Results of blinded surveys in drug treatment centers, King County, Washington. Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes. 1993; 6(1): 1275–1282.

Nancy McGough, my daughter and proprietor of Infinite Ink (

H. Noel McGough, co-author, of Cites Orchid Checklist, Volume 1, published by Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, 1995. Coauthor with M. S. Sandison of A Validation of Draft CITES Criteria Against Selected Plant Taxa. TRAFFIC Bulletin, volume 14, number 3. Traffic International, Cambridge, UK., Noel McGough; Curtis, T. G. F. and McGough, H. N. (1988) The Irish Red Data Book: 1 Vascular Plants, The Stationery Office, Dublin.

Tim S. McGough, Concord, New Hampshire, Representative in New Hampshire, Legislature.

Peter McGough, who, with David McDermott, is part of a Dublin-based team of artists known as McDermott and McGough, authors of A History of Photography. Their work has been displayed in a recent exhibit in my hometown, Seattle. Among their paintings is "Silouette of MacGough, Full Figure" 1998 Oil on linen.

The list of internet references to these people is so voluminous that I have not warehoused these references. Many of the McGoughs listed below are co-authors of a work. Often, I list the names of all the authors and the title of the work. Unless I am sure that two names belong to the same person, I list the references separately. The form of citations to articles on the internet are often woefully short of periods and spaces. I usually have copied the citation form as I found it.

The list:

Most of these names are from the internet. When first added to the list, I usually create a link between a name and its source. Many of these links are to newspaper articles, school bulletins, club newsletters, or the like, that are published only temporarily on the net. As links have disappeared, I have excised them—but have usually left the name. This information might help to assess the number and distribution of the McGoughs. Use of a search engine will sometimes show a new link to a name, but I have left that task to the reader. Some search engines, such as my favorite, keep a cached version of the original page after the direct link is no longer valid. Searching in will often turn up an archived copy of the web page labeled "cached." Click on the word "cached" and the archived page will be displayed.


Cossen, C.; McGeogh, A.; Bracelet, B.; Kossard, S. (1984) Bindii (Jo Jo) dermatitis (Soliva pterosperma (Compositae) J Am Acad Dermatol 10(5):768–773. From Poisonous Plant Bibliography, U.S. Food & Drug Administration Center for Food Safety & Applied Nutrition, Office of Plant and Dairy Foods and Beverages.

Pearson C, McGough A. Benefits of multidisciplinary audit in the care of stroke patients. J Assoc Qual Healthc 1994 Spring;1(2):42–5.

Abbie McGough, speech and language pathologist, Washington Primary School, Washington Depot, Connecticut.

Alan McGeogh is quoted as saying: "Punk rock was finished when the Damned played their first gig ..."

Alexander McGeogh, DDS, collaborative partner of the Lake County Office of Education, Lakeport, California.

Allison McGough, '99, Kalamazoo College, Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Allison McGough, marketing director of the Wichita Falls Teachers Federal Credit Union, Wichita Falls, Texas.

Ami McGough, Desert Hot Springs, California, participant in 1999–2000 email Project of Woodmont School, Pine Brook, New Jersey.

Amy McGough, Blue's News, Johnstown, Pennsylvania. See McGough Lab at Purdue University.

Andrea McGough, best dressed girl, Haworth High School Senior Class Of 2000,

Andrew McGough, Ph.D. Student, University of Newcastle, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. A. S. McGough, author of Parallel Simulation, a Masters of Science Dissertation at University of Newcastle upon Tyne, 1996.

Andrew McGough, the drummer in the Portland, Oregon, musical foursome called Hummingfish, a band.

Andy McGough, national director of programming, Best Buddies.

Ann McGough, poet, West Haven, Connecticut.

Anna McGough, Accounting & Finance Single Honours (3), The School of Computing and Mathematics (SCM), SBM Students List, University of Teesside, Middlesbrough, UK. Middlesbrough sits near the mouth of the River Tees in the northeast of England. The historic cathedral cities of Durham and York are within easy reach of Middlesbrough. The Captain Cook Birthplace Museum recounts the life and voyages of the town's most famous son.

Annabelle McGough-Drumm, Auckland, New Zealand, Presenter, Actor, Choreographer, Dancer, Promotional Worker. Her cousin is John McGough, one of New Zealand's finest cabaret instrumentalists providing music on both Trumpet and Flugal Horn as well as vocals.

Dr. Anne McGough, Dublin, 1944 graduate of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Dublin, Ireland.

Anne Louise McGough, author of Hooked on Fun. (Scottish Library).

Annette McGough

Archibald McGough, Lt. (JG), USS Alaska, born in Edinburgh in 1967 to Charles and Lydia McGough.

Arthur Mac Gough, Retail Manager, The Stables, Westburn Garden Lane Glasgow, Scotland, UK.

Arthur McGough, Glasgow. The LETSlink Scotland Newsletter of Winter 2000 notes: "The Sunflower Café in West Glasgow , up and running with paid Project Manager, Arthur McGough."

Barbara Mcgough, M.S.W., of Birmingham., Michigan, member of the American Psychiatric Association.

Barbara McGough, advisor and administrative assistant to US Senator George J. Mitchell of Maine.

Barbara J. McGough, contributor to FOCUS, St. Louis, Missouri.

Barry McGough, Lairennium! (Lair of the Golden Bear, California). Missing Staffer (as of 9/2/99).

Barry B. McGough, lawyer, Huddleston & Medori, Atlanta, Georgia (Fulton & DeKalb Cos.); author of Domestic Relations in the fall, 1994, and 1995, issues of the Mercer Law Review.

Benjamin McGough, Bachelor of Arts Degree, 2000, from The Evergreen State College, Olympia, Washington; Senior System Operator,, Seattle, Washington.

Benjamin McGough, registered Linux user, Seattle, Washington.

Benjamin Harrison McGough, MD, orthopedic surgeon, Vancouver, Washington.

Benny Joe McGough, MD, family practitioner, Texarkana, Texas.

Benny V. McGough, Principal of Daniel Webster Elementary School, Detroit, Michigan.

Bernadette McGough of county Monaghan submitted information to in the 1998 Irish Commission on Nursing Report.

Bernardine McGough is the operator of Killarney Language Schools, Greenbanks, Woodlawn Road, Killarney, Kerry.

Bernice McGough, in whose name there are made Memorial Study Grants for Teachers of Dance in New Zealand. Her daughter, Andrea Paris Gutierrez, now lives in Los Angeles where she teaches and choreographs for Hollywood films.

Bertha McGough, creator of her own recipe for chicken or squirrel mulligan.

Betty McGough of Las Vegas, Nevada, sister of John Stephen Zimmerman, 56, who died in Las Vegas, on Sept. 30, 1997.

Beverly McGough, Project Liaison, Printing & Graphic Services, United Way of America.

Bill McGough, an incomplete quadriplegic, umpires softball games from a wheel chair for adult recreation and church slow-pitch leagues in Spokane, Washington.

Bill McGough, a member of the cast of now then again, Bailiwick Arts Center, Chicago, Illinois.

Billy (Willie) McGough, 1946 graduate of St. Cloud High School, St. Cloud, Florida.

Blathnaidh M. McGeough, Author of Skills Auditing : Maximising the Potential in Your Organisation, published in the journal of the Small Firms Association, Dublin. 1997.

Bob McGough at the University of Washington has compiled his own list of Multimedia Resources for Education.

Bobby McGough, County Judge, Stonewall County, Aspermont, Texas.

Bobby McGough, member of the initial board of directors of the Salt Fork Water Quality District, Stonewall County, Texas.

Bret K. McGough, Commander, United States Coat Guard—a native of Las Vegas, Nevada. An email of June 22, 2005, from his twin brother, Bart C. McGough, of Las Vegas, says: Bret K. McGough is my twin brother. He is a 1980 graduate of the Coast Guard academy and is currently the captain of the cutter Munro. He called my attention to a recent internet article about the cutters activities: U. S. Coast Guard & Disaster Relief in Indonesia After the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami.

Brian McGough, responsible for the Bursar Cashiering System, Indiana University.

Brian McGeough, 100% donor to the University of Strathclyde Review and contributor to Alumni@Strathclyde Foundation.

Brian E. McGough, lawyer, Chicago, Illinois (Cook County).

Brian J. McGeough, lawyer, McCabe, Collins, McGeough & Fowler, LLP, Mineola, New York (Nassau County).

Brian P. McGough, a trucking industry analyst with the investment banking firm Morgan Stanley Dean Witter. Brian McGough, also does sports investment banking for J. P. Morgan.

Bruce McGough has a web page on the University of Oregon website. For papers authored by Bruce McGough, see the University of Oregon Scholars' Bank.

Bud McGough, member of United Methodist Church, Woodbury, New York.

Byron A. McGough, 1999–2000 Senior, Biology, University of Texas, Austin, Texas, student member of the Parking and Traffic Appeals Panel of the Standing Committees of the General Faculty, 1999–2000.

C. McGeogh, member of the London Irish Pipers' Club, about 1910.

Muia, R. A., McGough, C. M. and Gill, P. H. 1993. "Effects of Temperature on a Non-oxidizing Biocide Being Applied for Mollusk Control," Bulletin number 11–612 Calgon Corp. Pittsburgh, PA.

Cailen McGough ( ISEP Exchange to Napier University, Scotland, in the fall of 2002), was a winner in 2004 of the third annual photography contest sponsored by Towson University, which is 8 miles north of Baltimore, Maryland, and part of the University System of Maryland.

Carmen D. McGough, student, Radford University, Radford, Virginia, 36 miles southwest of Roanoke.

Carrie McGough of Dubuque, Dubuque County, Iowa. Democrat. Alternate delegate to Democratic National Convention from Iowa, 1944. Female. Still living as of 1944.

Carrie Randazzo-McGough, Ph.D., Fresno, California

Carol McGough, MS, OTR has been involved with inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation programs for twenty-five years, both as a clinician and program administrator. She is on the faculty of International Clinical Educators, Inc., Port Townsend, Washington, and part of the University System of Maryland.

Jon Louis Bentley & Catherine C. McGeogh, Amortized analyses of self-organizing sequential search heuristics. CACM 28, 4, April 1985, 404–411. Performance Evaluation of the MINET Minimum Cost Netflow Solver, in Network Flows and Matching: DIMACS Implementation Challenge, D. S. Johnson and C. C. McGeogh, (editors), American Mathematical Society, 1993, pp. 199–217, I. Maros. Brunel University, (Uxbridge, Middlesex, United Kingdom), Mathematical Sciences, Publications (1985–1995).

Catherine G. McGough (“McGuff”), Member, Board of Trustees, Huntington Beach City School District, Huntington Beach, California.

Cathy McGoff, lawyer, San Francisco.

Cathy A. McGough, author, born in Stratford, Ontario, Canada; moved 2 years ago to Sydney, Australia with her husband and four year old son.

Charles McGeough, National Marketing Director, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Dallas, Texas.

Charles McGough, Engineer and District Manager, Monroe District, Office of Conservation, Louisiana Department of Natural Resources, Monroe, LA.

Charles McGough, artist, of Commerce, Texas.

Charles McGough, Houma, Louisiana, Inland Water Drilling, Workover & Well Abandonment, Tetra Technologies, Inc.

Charles McGough, a coal miner of Goulds Country, is listed in the Dorset, Tasmania, Post Office Directory, for 1890–91. MIN67 REGISTERS OF MINING COMPANIES in the Archives of Tasmania, lists: MIN66/1/604 MCGOUGH TIN MINING CO 07 Aug 1890.

Sgt Charlie McGough, a tail gunner in 44 (Rhodesia) Squadron, was killed when Lancaster R5554 (KM - Q) was lost on an air raid on Munich, Germany on September 19–20, 1941.

Chauncey (Bud) McGough of Woodbury, New York, died on October 10, 1999.

Chris McGough, Assistant Director of Residence Life, Henderson State University, Arkadelphia, Arkansas.

Chris McGough, Altar Server, St. John Chrysostom Church, Wallingford, Pennsylvania (Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Philadelphia).

Christie L. McGue, Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Recipient of 1999 Presidential Rank Awards of Distinguished Executive.

Christopher McGough, Class of 1994, Mayo High School, Rochester, Minnesota.

Christopher McGough, web master of the Military Police Homepage.

Christine K. Kotis-McGough, Alabama, member of American Speech-Language Hearing Association, recipient of 1997 Award for Continuing Education in recognition of continued professional study.

Cindy McGough, Williamstown, Ohio, member of Williamstown Christian Church helping flood victims. She has a ministry in North Olmstead,Ohip, which she calls Victorious Sisters.

Claire A. McGough, proprietor of Alexson Supply, Inc., Linwood, PA.

Clinton Dale McGue, lawyer, Cabot, Arkansas (Lonoke County).

Colin McGough, member of the staff of Auckland University of Technology, Auckland, New Zealand. He is a Principal Lecturer in Community, Health and Sports Studies

Cort S. McGough, VP Training, McGough & Associates, Inc., private investigators of Denver, CO.

Courtney McGough, Chancellor's List, Troy State University, Troy, Alabama.

Cullen McGough, Interactive Media Developer, EYEMG - Interactive Media Group, Akron, Ohio. "Words like, 'eustachian,' 'perspicuous,'and 'adumbrative' spring to mind when speaking about Cullen McGough."

Cyndi McGough, Secretary, Student Support Services, Garland County Community College, Hot Springs, Arkansas.

Major D. McGough, Marine Corps pilot, witness to a UFO at 9:45 p.m. on August 13, 1952 over Tokyo, Japan. One orange light flew a left orbit at 8,000' and 230 m.p.h., spiraled down to no more than 1,500', remained stationary for 2 or 3 minutes and went out. An attempted interception was unsuccessful.

D. A. McGough, co-author of technical paper, Aids Knowledge Base. Abbott, S. P., L. Sigler, R. McAleer; D.A. McGough, M. G. Rinaldi & G. Mizell. 1995. Fatal cerebral mycoses caused by the ascomycete Chaetomium strumarium. J. Clin. Microbiol. 33:2692–2698; Nguyen MH, Barchiesi F; McGough DA, et al.: In vitro evaluation of combination of fluconazole and flucytosine against Cryptococcus neoformans var. neoformans. Antimicrob Agents Chemother 1995;39:1691–5.

Dan McGough, Director, Creative Arts Technical Services, College of Creative Arts, San Francisco State University.

Dan McGough, musician, keyboards and sitar, the Liquor Giants. His sitar work has been called "beautiful stuff indeed."

Dan McGough, general manager of Sunflower Cablevision, Lawrence, Kansas.

Daniel P. McGough, Resource Strategies, Inc., New York, proponent of nyforestsONLINE.

Danielle McGough, biology major, University of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida.

Danny McGough of the Seven Deadly Five, began playing music as a keyboardist with the Continental Drifters.

David McGough, President, Chief Technology Officer, and Co-founder of Inttek (Internet Technologies Incorporated) of Wilmington, North Carolina.

David McGough is a Director of The Energy Contract Company of Twickenham, England, and has almost 30 years experience in the energy sector, with a technical background in Chemical Engineering and Petroleum Engineering and further qualifications in economics and finance.

David McGough, owner of Digital Matrix System, Inc., of Addison, Texas.

David McGough, one of 29 Arkansans participating in a statewide survey of jail booking records.

David McGough, DMI—David McGough, Inc., Professional Photographers, Morris, New York.

David McGough, Houston,TX, CEA, listed in the National Registry of Environmental Professionals.

David McGough, insurance broker of McGough Financial Services, New Orleans.

David Christopher McGough (Archdiocese of Birmingham, England: Priest: 14 Mar 1970; Auxiliary Bishop: 25 Oct 2005 ) "Bishop-elect David Christopher McGough was named Auxiliary Bishop of Birmingham, England and titular bishop of Chunavia. He had been serving as a priest of the same archdiocese. Tuesday, Oct 25, 2005."

David James McGeough, partner of Matheson Ormsby Prentice, solicitors, Dublin, Ireland. He was educated at University College, Dublin (B.C.L., magna cum laude, 1986). He is a member of the American Tax Institute, the US Chamber of Commerce, the Ireland Canada Business Association, the International Bar Association, the America-Ireland Fund and Union International des Avocats. He is on the List of Attorneys in the Consular District of Dublin, published by the Embassy of the United States, Dublin, Ireland.

David W. McGough, lawyer, Cornell & Gollub, Boston, Massachusetts (Suffolk County).

Deanna McGough, MA, UTHSC, San Antonio, TX, co-presenter of What's Eating You: Emerging Fungal Pathogens and Antifungal Susceptibility, The Southwestern Association of Clinical Microbiology, Workshops & Seminars, 18th Annual Meeting, September 8–11, 1999, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Deborah McGough (Smith), born in Burnley in 1977, Premier Account Manager, Lanway Corporate Business Systems, Ltd., Hapton, Burnley, Lancashire, United Kingdom.

Denise McGough, coordinator of Lockwood Organization of Volunteer Educators (L.O.V.E), Lockwood School, located east of Billings, Montana in the Lockwood Suburb.

Dennis McGough, described by Kevin Carr as his bard of a grandfather, a great story teller who also played the fiddle and called square dances. Kevin Carr, member of Hillbillies from Mars, a San Francisco band, entertains with fiddle, bagpipes, accordion, banjo, vocals, and storytelling.

Dennis McGough, Billings, Montana, contact for the Montana Celiac Society.

Dennis G. McGough, Human Resources Director, Chesapeake Human Resources Association, Baltimore, Maryland.

Dennis "Mac" McGough, Lieutenant, a fictional character in Richard Diamond, Private Detective, a regular in seasons 1 and 2.

Dennis R. McGough, Ph.D.; web master of a challenging website, and a member of the faculty of the Graduate School of the Department of Psychology, University of New Haven, Connecticut. He is also Vice President, Human Resources, at Olin Corporation; and a member of the Board of Governors of the University of New Haven. Dr. Dennis McGough publishes a website on astronomy. He has published CCD images taken on a trip to Kitt Peak.

Dennis and Donna McGough, creators of images of planets for the Advanced Observing Program in which participants use the high-tech resources of the Kitt Peak Visitor Center Observatory to explore the Universe.

Don McGough, Boston Police Department, member of the American Society of Criminology.

Don McGough of Karl Terry & The Cruisers; on leaving that British rock musical group, became a publican.

Major Donald McGough Jr. 9th Fighter Squadron, Holloman Air Force Base, Alamogordo, New Mexico, selected in July, 1999, to be promoted to the rank of lieutenant colonel.

Donald Edward McGough, lawyer, West Roxbury, Massachusetts (Suffolk County).

Donna McGough, Secretary, Office of Development and Alumni Relations, Northwestern University School of Law, Chicago, Illinois. Donna McGough was awarded a Joseph Jefferson Citation for actress in a principal role for her performance in Mary Arrchie's 1999 production of Freedom of the City and again in 2004 for The Hypocrites' (of Chicago) production of Samuel Beckett's Happy Days.

Duane McGough, Housing Trends in the United States, 1973 to 1989. In Tri-Country Conference on Facing Up to Housing and Urban Issues: 1992. 1993:41–51.

E. McGough, Professor of Surgery (Clinical). University of Utah, Salt Lake City.

E. McGough, author of the book: Your silent language. New York, NY: William Morrow and Company (1974).

Edward M. McGough is listed in the 1897 Ballenger and Richards directory of Denver as residing at 341 Scott, and working at Beam Furnace Company.

Colonel Edward A. McGough III was the commander of the 36th Fighter Group - 42nd Bombardment Group, US Air force, beginning in December of 1954.

Ellen L. McGough, instructor in Rehabilitation Medicine REHAB 506 A, University of Washington, Seattle.

Hawkins JA; Thorne JK; Boucek MM; Orsmond GS; Ruttenberg HD; Veasy LG; McGough EC, Department of Surgery, University of Utah Medical Center, Salt Lake City, Early and late results in pulmonary atresia and intact ventricular septum. J Thorac Cardiovasc Surg 1990 Oct;100(4):492–7; E. C. McGough, co-author of Pediatric extracorporeal membrane oxygen: The time for anecdotes is over [editorial]. Amer J Dis Child 144:855–856, 1990; Christensen DW, Veasy LG, McGough EC, Dean JM. Intra-aortic balloon counterpulsation in children: a review of 29 patients. Crit Care Med 19(4):S75, 1991; Timmons OD, Dean JM, Vernon DD, McGough EC. Prognostic variables in pediatric ARDS. Crit Care Med 19(4):S76, 1991

Branson RD, McGough EK. Transport ventilators. Probl Crit Care. 1990;4:254–274; McGough EK, Campbell RS, Davis K, Johnson DJ, Porembka D, Hurst JM. Laboratory and clinical evaluation of the Impact Uni-VentTM 750 portable ventilator. Resp Care. 1992;37:29; Gravenstein N, Mahla ME: Preoperative evaluation of patients with neurosurgical, cervical spine, neuropsychiatric, and neuromuscular disorders, in McGough EK, Monroe MC (guest eds): Preoperative Evaluation, Part II, Problems in Anesthesia, 1992, pp 91–109.

Father Eamon McGeough, priest at the Cathedral Church of St. Anne, Cathedral House, Great George Street, Leeds LS2 8BE.

Eamonn McGeough, Lake Road, Oughterard, Galway—Butcher.

Eamon McGough has published a magazine called Damned, Damned, Damned.

Ed McGeough, poet, UK.

Ed McGough is county auditor of Barnes county, North Dakota.

Edward McGough, creator of a website for Doctors McGough, Ball and Crowther, Church Farm Surgery, Victoria Road, Aldeburgh, Suffolk, England.

Major General Edward A. McGough III, U.S. Air Force, born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1918, was deputy commandant of the Industrial College of the Armed Forces in 1973, and retired August 1, 1975. His military career included service in the Navy, Army, and Air Force. He graduated from the U.S. Military Academy, West Point, N.Y., in 1943. He was promoted to the grade of major general effective Aug. 1, 1968, with date of rank Aug. 26, 1964.

Edward Kenneth McGough, MD, Anesthesiology, Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.

Edward Mark. McGough, author of Beyond The Far Ridge; Pioneering In The Rocky Mountain High Country and Echoes From the West.

Edward R. McGough, Barnes County Auditor, Valley City, North Dakota.

Edward Vincent McGough, New York City Police, father of James John McGough and John McGough, both of whom are listed below.

Edwin Clifford McGough, MD, Cardiothoracic Surgery, Salt Lake City, Utah. He has a web page on CTSNet, the CardioThoracic Surgery Network.

Elizabeth McGeough, proprietor of Beth's townhouse, 18 Mary Street, Warrenpoint, county Down, Warrenpoint, Down.

Elizabeth Engblom McGough, 1999 contributor to Archbishop Prendergast Catholic High School for young women, Archdiocese of Philadelphia, Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania.

Ellen L. McGough, instructor in Rehabilitation Medicine, University of Washington School of Medicine, Seattle.

Eric McGough, Pleasanton, CA; CEO, Random Cube, Inc.

Erin E. McGoff, lawyer, Norcross, Georgia.

Erin McGough, member of staff, Muscarelle Museum of Art, the College of William and Mary.

Dr. Eugene McGough, director of the chapter of the American Indian Science and Engineering Society at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas.

Eugene B. McGough, Executive Director, Pennsylvania Society of Accountants, Inc., Buckingham, PA.

Eugene F. and Margaret M. McGough, purchaser of a house and lot in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

Eugene J. McGough, who died on February 1, 1923, a private in the Quartermaster Corps, is buried in plot 8854 of Cypress Hills National Cemetery, Brooklyn, Kings County, New York.

Mrs. Fiona McGough is chairman of the parents' association of St. Brigid's School, Denbigh, North Wales.

Fran McGough, Trainer, Sports Medicine Center, Beemer High School, Beemer, Nebraska

Francis McGeogh. Author of Shaking Up Government Accounting, Dublin 1996.

Francis McGough, Australia, composer of music.

Francis McGough, web master of Wake-Up America.

Francis X. McGough, the evil attorney in the mystery novel Heirs and Parents by Ralph McInerny (St. Martin's Press 2000 ISBN 031220311X).

The Frank McGough Oncology Unit, serves central Alabama from Jackson Hospital, Montgomery, Alabama.

Frank McGough, first grip, member of I.A.T.S.E. Local 489, Studio Mechanics of Greater Pittsburgh, PA.

Frank E. McGough Jr. Acquired Capitol Chevrolet, Inc., and Capitol Imports, Ltd., in British Columbia in 1998.

Frank E. McGough Jr. member of the Board of Trustees, University of West Alabama, Livingston, Alabama.

Frank J. McGue, lawyer, Phoenix, Arizona (Maricopa County).

G. J. McGough, Consul General of Argentina.

Gary McGough, Inspector General, National Endowment for the Humanities.

George C. McGough, for whom McGough Nature Park at Largo Narrows, Largo, Florida, is named. A barred owl named Matilda (my wife. Teel's given name) is gaining movie-star fame at McGough Nature Park for having played the part of JR, a male horned owl, in a movie. See the story in the Tampa Bay Times of December 31, 2014, under the headline: 'Turtle Tale' tells the story of missing Largo Owl:

"And, JR, a male horned owl, is being played by Matilda, a female barred owl. That's because the two great horned owls in McGough 'aren't as photogenic' as Matilda, said Brown. One is angry looking and the other has a wing that sticks out.

"'Everybody falls in love with Matilda when they go down to the center,' Brown said. 'Matilda's just beautiful.'"

Great horned owls are the only natural enemy the the barred owl. See: Meet Matilda—Part of the McGough Nature Park Family. See also: Scrivener Photography of Matilda—Barred Owl and Friends of the Largo Nature Parks—Animals We Support.

George V. McGough, CEO, Principal Financial Securities, Inc., Dallas, Texas.

Gerard McGough, Melbourne, Australia, pop/rock music.

Gerry McGeough, often spelled McGeogh, one time supervisor of weapons procurement for the Provisional IRA in the US. See the Frontline Outline: The IRA & Sinn Fein. "On 31 August 1988, McGeough was arrested on the Dutch-German border in a car in which two AK 47 assault rifles and three handguns were concealed. It was to be almost four years before his case was resolved, not by the German courts but by the American authorities who sought his extradition to stand trial for his gunrunning activities. The German authorities suspended the case before a verdict was reached and agreed to his extradition. On return to the United States McGeough stood trial in Louisiana and was sentenced to three years. He was released in 1996 and returned to Ireland. I asked him if he had any regrets. He said he had none and had only fulfilled what he considered to be his 'patriotic duty'." Author of Defenders and The Ambush, which may be available from the Homefront Library. In an announcement in An Phoblacht/Republican News of November 5, 1998, of the launching of his book, Defenders, in Monaghan town, his name was spelled McGeogh: "BOOK LAUNCH: Launch of Defenders by Tyrone republican Gerry McGeogh. 7.30pm Friday 20 November [1998], The Spyder's Web bar, Market Square, MONAGHAN TOWN, County Monaghan. Launch conducted by Danny Morrison and Pat McCabe." The name was also spelled McGeogh in the May 16, 1996 issue of the same paper: "Welcome-Home Function: For recently-released POW Gerry McGeogh. Friday, 17 May, EMYVALE, County Monaghan. Music by Céilí Swing. Táille £3. Organised by the Tyrone POW Dept and PDF."

Gerry McGeough, a land use planner for the city of Vancouver, Washington.

Gillian E. McGeough, Dietitian, Epidemiology & Public Health, on the staff of the School of Medicine, Queens University of Belfast.

Glenn Edward McGough, Gunner's Mate 3c, USNR, is listed on the Illinois Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard World War II Casualty List.. Wife, Mrs. Mary McGough, Savanna.

Gloria McGough, supervisor of Fort Recover Recycling Center, Abilene, Texas.

Greg McGeough . Here is a posting of February 09, 2007, on the McGeough Family Genealogy Forum— McGeoughs in Japan:

Hey Guys—given that the name McGeough seems to so rare in Dublin (my hometown in Ireland) I decided to google it and your forum came up. Just thought I'd let you all know that the McGeough's have hit Japan! I have a small pub in Kyoto so any McGeough's that fancy paying a visit to the land of the rising sun, drop in and let me buy you a pint!—Greg McGeough <>.

Guillermo J. McGough, the Argentine Consul General, according to an article in the New York Times on August 2, 2000. For some history, see Judgment 84 of the Administrative Tribunal of the Organization of American States.

H. N. McGough, co-author, with T. G. F. Curtis, of The Irish Red Data Book, 1 Vascular Plants. The Stationery Office, Dublin (1988).

Hagan H. McGough, co-author of Syringe exchange and risk of infection with hepatitis B and C viruses. American Journal Epidemiololgy 1999;149:203--13.

Happy D. McGough, died on 23 July 1992 at the age of 87 in McCracken County, Kentucky. He was a resident of Marshall County, Kentucky.

Harold McGough, one man engineering department of Imperial Products, Inc., of Richmond, Indiana, a manufacturer specific threshold and astragal designs for door manufacturers.

Harris McGough, U.S. Army, in Vietnam in 1970, crew chief of Taipan 685, a helicopter gunship of the 135th Assault Helicopter Company.

Heather McGough, a junior at Elkhart (Indiana) Memorial High School.  She is a designer of the school web page and goalie for the soccer team.  She hopes to go to law school.

Helen McGough, M.A., Manager, Human Subjects Division, University of Washington, Seattle; lecturer at NW AIDS Education and Training Center. Member of Board of Directors of PRIM&R, Public Responsibility in Medicine and Research. Goldberg, H. I., and McGough, H. (1991), Testing the implementation of clinical guidelines. IRB: A Review of Human Subjects Research, 13(6), 1–7.

Helen A. McGough, 1999 Minnesota list of owners of unclaimed property

Henry McGough, contributing editor, Vzine.

Hugh Fitzpatrick McGough, transcriber of family oral histories by Jane Fitzpatrick McGough and Walter Thomas McGough; formerly a lawyer with Meyer, UnKovic & Scott, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (Allegheny County); and now head of the office of labor relations for the city of Pittsburgh.

J. A. McGeough, Edinburgh, Scotland, Author of Advanced Methods of Machining, Chapman and Hall Ltd., London 1988

McGough-Csarny, J. & Kopac, C. A. (1998). Skin tears in the institutionalized elderly; an epidemiological study. Ostomy/Wound Management. 44 (3A) (Suppl.) 14S–24S. McGough-Csarney is an MSN and on the nursing staff of the VA Medical Center, Durham, North Carolina.

James McGeogh. From the An Phoblacht/Republican News of Thursday 23 May 1996: "H-BLOCK POWs are calling on nationalists to vote for Sinn Féin on 30 May. In a statement on 16 May POWs Pádraic Wilson and Paud Devenny from Belfast, Declan Murphy from Camlough in South Armagh, Brian Arthurs and James McGeogh from East Tyrone and Martin Molloy from Strabane say they and 'our comrades being held as POWs are 100% behind Sinn Féin on the 30 May elections'.''

Izutsu, KT, SP Felton, IA Siegel, WT Yoda, J Crawford, J McGough 1974 Ion specificity of the aequorin luminescent reaction Physiol. Chem. Physics 6:299–308; Izutsu, KT, SP Felton, IA Siegel, JI Nicholls, J Crawford, J McGough, WT Yoda 1974 An investigation of the ionic calcium assay based on the jellyfish protein aequorin Analyt. Biochem. 58:479–484.

J. A. McGeogh, author of Principles of Electrochemical Machining, Chapman Hall, London 1974.

J. C. McGough, Chairman, AIG Europe (Ireland) Ltd. (non-life insurance), Dublin, Ireland.

J. C. McGough, P. Eng. and J. C. Fong, P. Eng.PLC, Software Configuration Provides Basis for Real-Time Monitoring. J. C. McGough and J. C. Fong are with BC Hydro. This article is based on a paper originally presented at the Canadian Electricity Association's Electricity'97 Conference and Exposition held this past April in Vancouver, B.C.

SL Smalley, JN Bailey, CG Palmer, DP Cantwell, JJ McGough, MA Del’homme, JR Asarnow, JA Woodward, C Ramsey & SF Nelson, Evidence that the dopamine D4 receptor is a susceptibility gene in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Dr. J. G. McGough, General Practice/MAAG/RCGP, Suffolk Primary Care Resource Centre, UK.

Jack P. McGough, a retired business executive who teaches continuing education courses at the University of Delaware's Academy of Lifelong Learning.

James McGeough, Ormond Beach, Florida, Associate Member, deceased, The Blinded Veterans Association.

James McGough "Ordained All Hallow's College, Dublin 1870; at Singleton 1871-72; Taree, Muswellbrook, Newcastle 1887-88; Diocesan Consultor 1889; joined Diocese of Sydney 1892; P.P. of Springwood, died Katoomba 25/4/1910." Hunter Valley Genealogy—Deceased Bishops & Priests of the Maitland Diocese.

James McGough, author of a series of publications named The Year Book of Argentine Cricket and The North v. South Cricket Match Detailed Scores of All Matches 1891–1915, both published in Buenos Airesin the 1920s.

James McGough, financial aid director, Fordham Law School.

James McGough, author of Deviant Marriage Patterns in Chinese Society.

James McGough DDS, Oral Surgeon, Aurora, Illinois.

James McGough, responsible for wigs and makeup design for several 1999 productions of the Wolf Trap Opera Company.

James McGeough, resident of Epping, New Hampshire.

James McGeough, member of mathematics faculty, Manchester High School, Manchester, New Hampshire.

James McGough, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, petitioner in favor of bringing Team Fortress 2 to Linux.

James A. McGough, lawyer, Tarrytown, New York (Westchester County). James A. McGough, Sleepy Hollow, NY - - offers information about this Sleepy Hollow, NY lawyer who specializes in real estate, estate administration, and elder law.

James J. McGough, lawyer, Chicago, Illinois, (Cook County).

James J. McGough, lawyer, Madison, New Jersey.

Here is an obituary from the Chicago Tribune of August 4, 2010: "James J. McGough, 79, passed away quietly on July 31, 2010. A native of New Jersey, he resided in Chicago since 1974. In 1989, he retired from Telemedia, Inc. where he served as a Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary. From 1968 to 1973, he was a Manager of Contracts for Ford Motor Company in New York City. Mr. McGough was Associate Counsel and in private law practice from 1961 to 1967. Earlier he proudly served as Tribal Counsel for the Navajo Tribe. He earned his undergraduate degree from Brown University, and his J.D. from Rutgers Law School. He also attended graduate studies at the New York Law School and pursued studies at Practicing Law Institute and the Institute for Continuing Legal Education. Mr. McGough was a member of several prestigious professional organizations and community groups. He will be missed by his good friend, Gene, and many other friends and acquaintances. Cremation will take place on Wednesday, Aug. 4. On Saturday, Aug. 7, visitation will start at 9:30 a.m. with a Mass of the Resurrection at 10 a.m. at Old St. Mary's Church, 1500 S. Michigan Ave. For additional information, call 773- 276-7800." (James J. McGough was born in New Jersey on February 27, 1931.)

James John McGough, a 1987 graduate in Literature of the College of Creative Studies, University of California, Santa Barbara. He is the Jim McGough who, in a review of Anna Karenina, says that it "achieves the perfect balance between high art—vivid character development, delicately interwoven plot-structure, author's instinct—and good, trashy romance." He is founder and president of Ajax USA, fan club of the Ajax professional soccer team in Holland, and publishes pictures of his handsome sons, Sean and Ryan, on the Ajax website. He is brother of John McGough, who is listed below as the subject of the television production And Then Came John: A Triumph over Down's Syndrome. He is the son of Edward Vincent McGough who is listed above.

James John McGough, MD, Psychiatrist, UCLA Medical Plaza, Los Angeles, California.

James Kingsley McGough, member of the Criminal Law Section of the State Bar of Georgia; James K. McGough, lawyer, Copple. Rockey & McGough, P.C., Norfolk, Nebraska (Madison County), or Omaha Nebraska.

James P. McGoff Jr. lawyer, Indianapolis, Indiana.

James P. McGough, A.B., Washington; M.A., Ph.D., Michigan State, Assistant Professor of Anthropology (1976–83), Middlebury College, Middlebury, Vermont.

James P. McGough, Chairman, Cyrus E. Dallin Committee, Arlington, Massachusetts. The committee oversees Arlington's collection and restoration of Dallin's sculptures.

Monsignor James P. McGough, born in county Limerick, Ireland, on July 24, 1933, was pastor of St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church in Picayune, Mississippi, from 1988 to 1990. Monsignor McGough studied at Mungert College, Limerick, and St. Bernard Major Seminary, St. Bernard, Alabama. He was ordained on May 25, 1957. He was assistant at Nativity Parish, Biloxi, for one year. In 1958, he went to study Canon Law at Catholic University of America from where he received his Doctorate in Canon Law. He was Chancellor and Officialis for the Diocese of Natchez-Jackson from 1962-1966. He was then appointed Vicar General. In 1971, he was appointed pastor of Sacred Heart, Hattiesburg, from 1977-1979 he was Chancellor and Officialis for the new Diocese of Biloxi, and Vicar General in 1979. He was pastor of St. Paul's, Pass Christian, from 1978-1985, pastor of Our Lady of the Gulf, Bay St. Louis, from 1985 to 1988. He served as pastor of St. Charles Borromeo from 1988 to 1990 and then pastor of St. James, Gulfport 1990-

James Robert McGough, a 1999 graduate with high honors of Prescott High School, Nevada County, Arkansas. He attended the same school from kindergarten through grade 12. His nickname is James "Goo" McGough. He played left field for the Prescott High School Wolves..

James Stewart McGough of Charlotte, North Carolina, groomsman at a wedding on January 29, 2000, at St. Stephen's Episcopal Cathedral in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

James V. McGough, lawyer, Altoona, Pennsylvania (Blair County)

James W. McGough, a former white-collar worker turned laborer and fervid union activist. See Commentary. He has been described as a dissident member of the Laborers' International Union of North America [known as LIUNA] in Chicago, Illinois, who has proven to be proficient in communicating via the internet.

Jane E. McGough, lawyer, Ellicott City, Maryland.

Jane Fitzpatrick McGough, author of Terra Alta once removed : a family oral history as told to Hugh Fitzpatrick McGough.

Janet McGough, Lau literacy programme, Solomon Islands.

Janet McGough Richardson, Director, Library Media Services, Capistrano Unified School District, San Juan Capistrano, California.

Janet McGough-Csarny, MSN.

Jay McGough, brewer, formerly with the Antelope Brewing Company, Lancaster, California; now The Tap House's brewer.

Jeanne McGough, copy editor, Parent Soup.

Jeff McGough, president of Intergate, Tapu's internet service provider

Jeff S. McGough, Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, Rapid City, South Dakota.

Jeff S. McGough is listed as a patron of the arts by the Allied Arts fund drive of Rapid City, South Dakota.

Jeffrey McGough, president of Intergate, a small Marietta, Georgia, internet service provider.

Jeffrey McGough, who loves sailing. runs Mile Marker Books in the Florida Keys,

Jeffrey B. McGough, Robins Air Force Base, Georgia (1991).

Jeffrey Scot McGough received his Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of Utah in 1993.

Jennifer Hern McGough, 1992 graduate, Heidelberg College, Tiffin, Ohio.

Jenny McGough, Assistant Dean, School of Public Affairs, American University, Washington, D.C. See the Work Resources for the Intern Program of the Hispanic Associating of Colleges and Universities of the Department of Veteran's Affairs.

Jessica McGough, who played a Chimeron Princess in episodes of Doctor Who. There is a Jessica McGough page on the website dedicated to the actors of British science fiction, fantasy, and cult TV shows.

Jim McGough, teacher of 7th and 8th grade arithmetic, at Calapooia Middle School, Albany, Oregon.

Jim McGough, Napa Valley, California, internet service provider.

Jim McGeough, National Chair, Keep Australia Beautiful National Association. The same roster lists Jim McGeogh as chair of the Western Australia Keep Australia Beautiful Council.

Jim McGeough, born in Ireland, resident of Australia, then New Zealand, now Washington, D.C.; publisher of Hello Vanuatu.

Jim McGeough, publisher of guides to the South Pacific island countries, born in Ireland, and sometime resident of West Australia, New Guinea, San Francisco, Republic of Vanuatu, New Zealand, and Washington, DC

Jim McGough, Ph.D., MPH HIV/AIDS Epidemiology Seattle-King County Department of Public Health, participant in The Northwest Regional Workshop: HIV Prevention Approaches for Alcohol and Drug Use Among Men Who Have Sex With Men.

Jim McGough, webmaster of Illinois Police & Sheriff's News.

Jim McGough, Business Manager, @griculture Online, created by the editors of Successful Farming magazine.

Jimmy McGeough: Manager of the Larne Football Club. "McGeough is Larne boss. Monday, 9th August 2004. Larne have appointed former Waterford and Derry City manager Jimmy McGeough as their new boss. McGeough will meet the Larne players tonight and his first match will be against Institute at Inver Park on Friday night." From

Here is an obituary from the New York Times of February 12, 2006: "KORETSKY -- Joan Mc Gough. Died on February 9, 2006. Beloved wife of the late William Koretsky. Devoted mother of William A. Koretsky, of Teaneck, NJ. Loving grandmother of Sarah. Graduate of Newtown High School and Hunter College. Mourned by her sisters, Patricia Meeker and Kathleen Hodge, and her nieces, Nancy Hodge, Kathleen Scherich (Dr. Thomas), Amy Pallazolo (Bennet), Leslie Bismillah (Enver), and her nephews, Jeffrey S. Meeker (Cheryl Markowitz), and Warren J. Meeker (Michelle Adams), and eight grandnieces and nephews. Friends may call on Monday, February 13, 7-9 PM, at the Volk-Lieber Funeral Home, 789 Teaneck Rd, Teaneck, NJ; 201-836-0202. Burial in St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery, Trenton, NJ." (Joan E. Koretsky was born on August 29, 1926, and was 79 years old when she died on February 8, 2006. William W. Koretsky was born on August 15, 1923 and died on October 2, 2004. Social Security Death Index. The 1930 census of Villa Park Village, York township, DuPage county, Illinois, lists Joan E. McGough, age 3 years and 6 month, born in Minnesota, with her parents, John J. McGough, age 37, married at age 28, born in New York to parents born in Ireland, an agent for the US Treasury Department; and Grace V. McGough, age 36, married at age 27, born in New Jersey to parents born in New Jersey; and an older daughter, Patricia, age 6, born in New Jersey (roll 511, page 7B). Her sister is Patricia Meeker, listed below, alphabetized as Patricia McGough. Their father is possibly the John J. McGeough, age 6, born in June, 1893, who is listed in my 1900 census of New York page, Brooklyn Borough, 24th Ward, Kings county, living with his parents, James McGeough, age 36, born in July, 1863, in Ireland, and Catherine McGeough, age 36, born in August, 1863, in Ireland; and several brother and sisters.

Joan McGue, lawyer, Phoenix, Arizona (Maricopa County).

JoAnn McGough, SLD specialist, Cross Bayou elementary school, Pinellas Park, Florida.

Joe McGough, a New Jersey resident, took up the "challenging hobby" of learning Gaelic and attended classes in Berwyn, Pennsylvania.

Joe and Linda McGough operate The Celtic Inn in Cape May, New Jersey.

Joel McGough, a member of Concerned Citizens for Green Country Conservation in Grove, Oklahoma, complained about the fouling of a local stream by effluent from a chicken processing plant.

John McGeogh, guitar player with The Armoury Show. Listed as one of the 100 Greatest Guitarists of all time— June 1996 Issue of Mojo. Sometimes spelled McGeough.

John McGeough, academic staff, The Manufacturing Planning Group, Department of Mechanical Engineering, The University of Edinburgh, Scotland.

John McGeough, M.D., Urologist, Mid Coast Hospital, Brunswick, Maine.

John McGeough, Naturopath, Adv. Dip. App. Sci Naturopathy, Dip. Herbal Medicine, Lightning Ridge, New South Wales, Australia.

John McGeough, sales director, RCN.

John Francis McGeough, born on August 29, 1903, in New York City, became an Archbishop of the Catholic Church. He served as a priest for 39.18 years and a bishop for 10 years. He died on October 12, 1970.

John J. McGeough of Pomeroy, county Tyrone, Irish Republican Prisoner, released from a 17 year sentence being served in Long Kesh Prison, on October 21, 1998 (or October 2000?). His birthday is listed as August 5.

John McGough, 1994 graduate of Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas; education certificate from Angelo State University, San Angelo, Texas. He is also a flight instructor. His father is Bobby McGough (County Judge, Stonewall County, Aspermont, Texas), above.

John McGough, subject of the television production And Then Came John: A Triumph over Down's Syndrome. His brother, James John McGough, listed above, says: "He is a cool dude." He now lives in San Dimas, California.

John McGough, member of School Committee, town of Topsham, Sagadahoc County, Maine.

John McGough, Program Manager, USMC GETS Team, United States Marine Corps Systems Command.

John McGough, Production Manager, Tempo Graphics, a direct mail printer in suburban Chicago.

John McGough, Dover, NJ, Founding Member and Chairman Emeritus, Board of Trustees, Sacred Heart University, Fairfield, Connecticut.

John McGough, Budapest, Hungary, distributor in Hungary of Medplan kft. for World Medical Manufacturing Corporation; occasional correspondent with the International Herald Tribune.

John McGough Publisher Plastics News International, Melbourne, Australia.

John McGough, Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania, owner of Fastoil, Inc., and a sponsor of auto racing at Path Valley Speedway.

John McGough, School Committee, town of Topsham, Maine.

John McGough, practitioner of medicine in the UK at The Surgery, Aldeburgh, Suffolk.

John McGough, Columbus, Ohio, Consultant to the Finance Committee of the Ohio Funeral Directors Association.

John McGough, Columbus, Ohio, Executive Director, Ohio Paint Council.

John McGough, candidate for town council, Cisco, Texas.

John McGough, organizer of a photography exhibit in Wellington, New Zealand.

John McGough, Auckland, New Zealand, one of the country's finest cabaret instrumentalists providing music on both Trumpet and Flugal Horn as well as vocals. He is a cousin of Annabelle McGough-Drumm, also of Auckland, New Zealand, Presenter, Actor, Choreographer, Dancer, and Promotional Worker.

John McGough, CSsR (Congregation Sanctissimi Redemptoris), sent with father Daniel Mullane from St. Louis to Denver to take charge of St. Joseph's parish on November 19, 1894.

John McGough, Dover, NJ, Founding Member and Chairman Emeritus, Board of Trustees, Sacred Heart University, Fairfield, Connecticut.

John McGough, Mark Smotherman, Kishor S. Trivedi: The Conservativeness of Reliability Estimates Based on Instantaneous Coverage. IEEE Transactions on Computers 34(7): 602–609 (1985).

John McGough Jr., sales representative, Standard and Poor's Securities, Inc.

John F. McGeough, MD, Brunswick, Maine, signer of a letter of public health officials to President Bill Clinton urging adoption of the EPA's Proposed Clean Air Standards.

John Henry McGough, born on January 22, 1877 and a resident of Lincoln, Idaho, registered for the WWI draft in Ada County, Idaho, in 1917–8. In the place-of-birth column, there is a note: "relative lives Boise ID."

John J. McGough, Philadelphia, Local 300, United Transportation Union (UTU), member of platinum club of Transportation Political-Education League (TPEL).

John James McGeough, correspondent with a secondary school biology teacher, Champaign, Illinois.

John P. McGough, —B.A., psychology, DePaul University; M.A., psychology, Montclair State University; graduate studies, The New School for Social Research, New York, NY. Retired president and CEO, J. E. Rhoads & Sons, Newark, Delaware. John P. McGough, instructor in a course on Human Sexuality, Academy of Lifelong Learning, University of Delaware.

Dr. John R. McGough, Optometrist, Tyler, Texas.

John T. McGough, lawyer, McGough & Assocs., Inc., Columbus, Ohio (Franklin County); John T. McGough, Ohio lobbyist for the Industrial Energy Users organization.

John W. McGough, architect of Spokane, Washington. He established the firm of Walker and McGough, Architects, in 1954 and is president of the succeeding corporation, Walter McGough Foltz Lyerla, P.S., Architects and Engineers, in Spokane.

Jon P. McGough, lawyer, Gibson, Hotchkiss, Roach & Davenport, Wichita Falls, Texas (Wichita County).

Joseph McGeough is listed as an archbishop of the Catholic church and 4th Apostolic delegate (1970) with an anniversary date of November 12 on a web page of the Archdiocese of Capetown South Africa listing anniversaries of deceased clergy.

Professor Joseph Anthony McGeough:


Family: s of Patrick Joseph McGeough (d 1982), of Stevenston, Ayrshire, and Gertrude, née Darroch (d 1975); m 12 Aug 1972, Brenda, da of Robert Nicholson, of Blyth, Northumberland; 2 s (Andrew b 1974, Simon b 1977), 1 da (Elizabeth b 1975). Education: St Michael's Coll Irvine, Univ of Glasgow (BSc, PhD), Univ of Aberdeen (DSc). Avocational Interests: hill walking, gardening. Style: Prof Joseph McGeough, FRSE. Address: 39 Dreghorn Loan, Colinton, Edinburgh EH13 0DF (Phone: 0131 441 1302); School of Engineering and Electronics, University of Edinburgh, King's Buildings, Edinburgh EH9 3JL (Phone: 0131 650 5682, fax 0131 650 6554, e-mail


Career: res demonstrator Univ of Leicester 1966, sr res fell Queensland Univ 1967, res metallurgist International R & D Ltd 1968-69, sr res fell Univ of Strathclyde 1969-72; Univ of Aberdeen: lectr 1972-77, sr lectr 1977-80, reader in engrg 1980-83; regius prof of engrg Univ of Edinburgh 1983-, hon prof Nanjing Aeronautical and Astronautical Univ China 1992-; visiting prof: Univ of Naples Federico II 1994, Glasgow Caledonian Univ 1997-2003; industl fell Sci and Engrg Res Cncl Royal Soc 1987-89; chm Scottish Branch Inst of Mechanical Engrg 1993-95, chm Bd CIRP UK 2000-03, chm Int Conferences on Computer-Aided Prodn Engrg (CAPE) 1986-; various Scot Co AAA and universities Athletic Championship awards; FRSE 1990, FIMechE (memb Cncl 2000-03), FIEE, MIM.


Principles of Electrochemical Machining (1974), Advanced Methods of Machining (1988), section on Nonconventional Machining: Encyclopaedia Britannica (1987), entry on Mechanical Engineering, Encarta 99 Encyclopaedia (1999), Micromachining of Engineering Materials (ed, 2001); ed in chief Processing of Advanced Materials 1991-94; CIRP ed Jl of Materials Processing Technology 1990-.


"Prof Joseph Anthony McGeough." Debrett's People of Today. Debrett's Peerage Ltd., 2004.
Reproduced in Biography Resource Center. Farmington Hills, Mich.: The Gale Group. 2004."

From the Seattle Public Library's Biography Resource Center

Dr. Joseph. C. McGough, K.M., S.C., was chairman of the board of ASAI (Advertising Standards Authority for Ireland) in 1997 and 1198. He has served as Chairman, American International Group Europe (Ireland) Ltd; Chairman, Salvation Army Advisory Board; Director, Ulster Bank Ltd; Chairman, Group 4 Securities Northern Ireland Ltd; and member of the Council of Cooperation Ireland..

Joseph M. McGough, a retired nuclear engineer, with some hard-earned experience in trading in grain futures.

Joseph Nelson McGough, Seaman 2c, USNR, is listed on the Mississippi World War II Casualty List Navy, Marines and Coast Guard. Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Eunice Moore McGough, Rt. 1, Morton.

Joseph T. McGough, Jr., lawyer, Hollis Hills, New York.

Joyce McGough, prospective juror in a Texas death penalty case.

Rev. Jude P. McGeough, pastor of St. Martha's Catholic Church, East Providence, RI.

Julie McGough, Children's Sunday School Teacher who instructs and inspires pupils from 2 years old through 5th grade, and teacher of Vacation Bible School, St. George Episcopal Church of San Antonio, Texas.

Julie McGough, representative of Roads and Bridges Magazine, Des Plaines, Illinois.

Julie McGough, Victor Hodge Elementary School, Azusa, California, winner of Smarts Schools PC Day.

Justin McGough, Class of 1991 Mayo High School, Rochester, Minnesota.

K. Renee McGough, contributing member, American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry.

Karen McGough, M.A., research study coordinator, Children's Hospital, Boston.

Karen N. McGough, nurse oncologist and nurse practitioner, St. Pete Beach, Florida.

Katelynn Marie McGough, born on December 11, 1999, to Danny and Michelle McGough, a daughter, 9 lbs. 3 oz., 21 1/2 in., in Willard, near Bakersfield, California.

Kathy McGough (my niece). Proprietor of Book'em, the newest used bookstore in Port Orchard, Washington.

Kathy McGough, faculty member, SLS (Student Learning Success) Department, Broward Community College, Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Kathy McGough, Maine, alumna of the American Council of Young Political Leaders.

Kathy McGough, sales representative, RE/MAX Real Estate Centre, Ontario, Quebec, Canada.

Kay McGough, Northwest Ohio Teacher Consultant to The Ohio Geographic Alliance, Columbus, Ohio.

Keith McGough, Colliers, West Virginia, also known as "Theodore Roosevelt ... Today."

Keith and Mary McGough operate Danner House, a bed and breakfast in Ontario, Canada, on Niagara Parkway that looks out on the Upper Niagara River across from Grand Island, New York.

Kelly McGough, spokesman for Venture Economics News, Newark, New Jersey.

Kenneth McGough of Glasgow, poet, author of Cuba Diary.

Kenneth McGough, professional photographer, born in 1951 and grew up in Tennessee, now resides in San Francisco.

Kent McGough (1917–1997) of Lima, Ohio, former chairman of the Ohio Republican Party. Here is an obituary of Kent McGough that was published on October 3, 1997, in The Post of Cincinnati. The obituary of Kent McGough also appears in the Hickory Daily Record (Hickory, North Carolina) of October 4, 1997, which is available on microfilm at the Catawba County Public Library System's Main Branch in Newton, North Carolina.

Kent B. McGough, President, McGough & Associates, Inc., Columbus, Ohio, and member of a task force of the Ohio Board of Regents on Managing for the Future: Challenges and Opportunities for Higher Education in Ohio.

Kevin McGeough is a partner in McGough and Poland, a recycling business in Rostrevor, Newry, county Down, Northern Ireland.

Kevin McGough, Altar Server, St. John Chrysostom Church, Wallingford, Pennsylvania (Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Philadelphia).

Kevin McGeough, author of Unsung heroes : the War of Independence in Monaghan (2000). To find this book, browse the General Catalogue of the Library of Trinity College, Dublin.

Kevin J. McGough, lawyer, Merck & Co., Inc., Rahway, New Jersey (Union County).

Kevin J. McGough, A Case for Expansive Patent Protection of Biotechnology Inventions in 6 Harv. J.L. & Tech. (Fall 1992)

Kevin M. McGeough, Lecturer in Archaeology and History, Departments of Geography and History, University of Lethbridge, 4401 University Drive West, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.

Kevin P. McGoff, lawyer, Indianapolis, Indiana.

Kinia McGough, a senior at Rutgers University in Camden, New Jersey, is President of the eastern region chapter at Rutgers of the National Association of Black Accountants (NABA).

Kira (McGough) Miller, actress in the student production of Cinderella, Central Washington University, Ellensburg, WA.

Laura McGough, curator, critic and media artist; the video curator at Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center in Buffalo, New York.

Dr. Laura McGough, specialist in Early Modern European history, was scheduled to join the faculty of the Department of History, College of Charleston, South Carolina.

Laura McGough, a sixth grader at Roslyn Elementary School, Abington, PA, winner of first prize for her poster, Pets, in the 1998 Pennsylvania Statistics Poster Competition.

Laura McGough, Nomads (USA), Guest Moderator of ChatterBox, a series of moderated discussions sponsored by the Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts.

Laura J. McGough, Northwestern University, present or paper on Family Feuds and Patronage Networks: Women´s Charitable Donations and the Counter-Reformation in Venice, 1560–1670, at the 1997 Sixteenth Century Studies Conference sponsored by Lamar University, Beaumont, Texas.

Rev. Lawrence McGough, pastor of All Saints Roman Catholic Church, Etobicoke, Toronto, Canada.

Dr. Lee McGough, until 1998, operator of a group care facility in San Diego, California.

Len McGough. Sharon and Len McGough were married at The Mountain Winery, Chateau La Cresta, Saratoga, California. (Lots of wedding pictures.)

Lenna McGough, teacher, Highland Park High School, Dallas, Texas.

Lenny McGeough, contributor to Alumni@Strathclyde Foundation.

Leo B. McGough, parishioner the Roman Catholic parish of Saint Louis, King of France, in St. Paul, Minnesota, and general supervisor of refurbishing of the church.

Leigh McGough, webmaster of UK website Delirious 5.

Letitia Mason McGeough, lawyer, Danville, Virginia.

Leo I. McGough, lawyer, Moser, Roveto, McGough & von Schaumburg, Secaucus, New Jersey (Hudson County).

Leslie Ann McGough, 1993 graduate of Lyons College, Prescott, Arizona.

Liliane McGough Boisjoly, Secrétaire administrative, Département de Géographie, Université de Montréal.

Linda McGeogh. In an article with the headline No 'Joy' in Belmont; 'Sex' has checked out, Eve Mitchell reports in the San Francisco Examiner of August 15, 1997, on Linda McGeogh's solution to "objectionable" materials in the Belmont, California, library. McGeogh removed The New Joy Of Gay Sex from the shelves, squirreled it away in a storage locker, and refused to return it.

Linda McGough, operator of Linda McGough's Storefront.

Lisa McGough, Blacklick Valley High School Class of 1985, Cambria County, Pennsylvania.

Liz McGough, Life in Balance Support Group (Gays with Depression), Inner Pathways Counseling, Detroit Public Library Mutual Support Groups serving Wayne County, Michigan.

Liz McGough, coordinator of course in Health Care Practice at Edge Hill School of Health Studies, St. Helens Road, Ormskirk, Lancashire, UK. The school's main accommodation (and headquarters) is sited in the grounds of University Hospital, Aintree, Liverpool.

Lois McGough, nurse, Memorial Elementary School, Valparaiso Community Schools, Indiana.

Lois McGough, 12966 graduate of Flat Rock High School, Flat Rock, Michigan.

Lola McGough, member of Library Board, Oswego School District Public Library, formerly Oswego City Library, Oswego, NY.

Lonnie McGough, subscriber to the Internet Agreement, Cooper High School, Abilene, Texas.

Lonnie McGough, banjo, resonator guitar, vocals, Southern Comfort, an Alabama Bluegrass Music Association member, Lapine, Alabama.

Lyn McGough, former champion of the women's South Australian Amateur Golf Tournament, in a contest in Melbourne on June 29, 1999 was beaten in the championship round by Mianne Bagger, a woman who had been born a male in Denmark. "At 5 feet 11 inches and weighing 156 pounds, Bagger is athletically built and taller than most of her opponents and has an average drive of about 240 yards."

Lynett McGough, Common Pleas Judge, Lorain County, Avon, Ohio; lawyer, County Courthouse, Elyria, Ohio (Lorain County).

Lynn McGough, American Red Cross, Toledo, Ohio.

Lynsey McGough, artist, Scotland.

Kersten JR, McGough MF, Pagel PS, Tessmer JP, and Warltier DC: Temporal dependence of coronary collateral development. Cardiovasc. Res. 34:306–312, 1997.

Rev Mother M. Evangelist McGough, who died February 1, 1938, is buried in Ashburton Roman Catholic Cemetery at Newcastle-on-Tyne, England.

M. J. McGough, writer for America Magazine (1933–1934). His correspondence is in the America Magazine Archives Folder Listing of the Lauinger Library Special Collections Division of Georgetown University.

Malcolm McGeogh, Laser Kinetics Research Physicist, contractor at the Nike KrF Laser Facility, Naval Research Laboratory.

Malinda McGeough, author of Young Soldiers Lament and other poems.

Marc McGough, a senior at Prescott High School, Nevada County, Arkansas, in May of 1999, was awarded a technical scholarship at the University of Arkansas Community College at Hope. The scholarship is based on an ACT score and grade point average plus a recommendation from a school official. McGough is the son of Richard and Debra McGough of Prescott. He attended the same school from Kindergarten through grade 12. When a senior at Prescott Middle School, he was class president, and when a senior in the high school, he was president of the student council.

Margaret A. McGough, lawyer, Eagan, Minnesota.

Margaret E. McGough, Association of Nurses in Aids Care, Plantation, Florida, Department of Health Florida Board of Nursing Approved Providers.

Marianne McGough, IT teacher, CBS (Christian Brothers School) Primary School, Ennis, county Clare Ireland. Participant in the Buddy Project.

Mark McGough, developer of games for MobyGames.

Marla McGough, Century 21 Real Estate agent, Hikes Point Office, Louisville, Kentucky.

Martha McGough, Program Director, Preschool and Seniors, Lake Heights Family YMCA, Bellevue, WA.

Martha McGough of Garland, Arkansas, granddaughter of a slave-cook who earned her freedom.

Martin E. McGough, divisional officer, 3D Systems Corp. Marty McGough, vice president of worldwide operations, 3D Systems Inc.

Martin Francis McGough, MD, Cardiovascular Diseases, Birmingham, Michigan; Martin F. McGough, MD, Paul S. Pagel, MD, PhD, Dermot Lowe, MB FFARCSI, Douglas A. Hettrick, PhD, Judy R. Kersten, MD, and David C. Warltier, MD, PhD, Effects of Levosimendan on Left Ventricular Function: Correlation With Plasma Concentrations in Conscious Dogs, Journal of Cardiothoracic and Vascular Anesthesia 11:49–53. .

Sister Mary Charles McGough, OSB, Duluth, MN, was a member of The American Benedictine Academy and a Creator of IconsHere is her icon of St. Benedict. Sister Mary Charles illustrated the book Roots, deep and strong: great men and women of the church by Mary E. Penrose, New York : Paulist Press, c1995. She was the winner of the 2004 Scholastica Inspiration Award. For a short biography and a display of several of her icons, see +Mary Charles McGough, O.S.B. on the website of The Printery House. There is a biography of Sister Mary Charles (Molly) McGough  (1925 – 2007) on the web page of Ask Art — The Artist's Bluebook™.

Mary Patricia McGough, my daughter, author of the poem On the Beach; author of Inside auction talk: A different turn taking system. Participant in 1997 International Communication Association Conference.

Matthew McGough, author. "After his two–year career as a Yankee bat boy Matthew McGough graduated from Regis High School, Williams College (George Steinbrenner’s alma mater), and Fordham University School of Law. After law school he clerked for a district court judge at the Federal Courthouse in lower Manhattan. McGough lives in New York City." Matthew McGough, a 1997 graduate of Williams College and 1999–2000 Crowley Scholar at Fordham Law School. Matthew was a staff member of the Fordham International Law Journal.

Matthew McGough, New York City, signer on February 2, 2000, of a petition supporting the preposition that every Palestinian has a legitimate, individual right to return to his or her original home and to absolute restitution of his or her property.

Matthew McGue, PhD, Professor, Department of Psychology and Member, Institute of Human Genetics, University of Minnesota.

Matthew Ryan McGough, student of computers, Pennsylvania State University at Abington, where he contributed his PowerPoint & internet skills to a group project.

Maurice J. McGough, Director of Chicago Operations & Compliance Program Center, Midwest HUD Office of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity.

Maury Elizabeth McGough, MD, Internal Medicine, Marblehead, Massachusetts.

Megan Estelle Evans-McGough, 1998 candidate for the City Council of the city of Greater Geelong, Victoria, Australia.

Melissa McGough, 1997–98, Millersville University, Senior, Education, Summer Research Assistant in Plant Pathology, Pennsylvania State University, Fruit Research and Extension Center.

Merry E. McGough, in May 2001, awarded a Master of Business Administration, Carroll Graduate School of Management, Boston College, Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts. Awarded Graduate Fellowship in Operations and Strategic Development Department.

Michael McGeough, Distributor Address, Mannatech Nutraceuticals, Marlton, New Jersey

Michael McGough, Student Staff, Lycoming College, Williamsport, Pennsylvania. 1999.

Michael McGough, B.S. (Western Florida), M.Div. (Southern), Th.D. (New Orleans), member of faculty, New Testament and Greek, Canadian Southern Baptist Seminary, Toronto, Ontario.

Michael McGough, Trustee, village of Harwood Heights, Illinois. (Suburb to the northwest of Chicago.)

Michael McGough, vice president of sales and marketing for the Americas, UpRight Inc., Selma, California. (He moved to California from Illinois to take the job.)

Dr. Michael McGough, contributing writer to Movin' Out, the online journal of the trucking industry.

Michael McGough, editorial page editor, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette; editorial page editor, Online Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Michael McGough, Local Pastor as Prisoner Advocate 1980, National Federation of Priests Councils.

Michael McGough, author of "The Decline of Debate: Pull It Across Your Flow," The New Republic, October 10, 1988, pages 17–19.

Michael A. McGough, Houston, Texas, author of letter on aortic valve replacement.

Michael C. McGoff, lawyer, Atlanta, Georgia.

Michael C. McGough, Account Supervisor, Financial Services, Marketing General Inc

Michael R. McGough, originally from Johnstown, Pennsylvania, received his undergraduate education at the University of Pittsburgh, graduating with a degree in secondary education. He earned his Masters degree from Western Maryland College and graduated with honors from Pennsylvania State University with a doctorate in adult education. Dr. McGough has been a Licensed Battlefield Guide with the National Park Service in Gettysburg, a teacher, a building principal and is currently a central office administrator. He has written several books and currently writes two long-running newspaper columns. Author of The Gettysburg Battlefield Tour Book and The1889 Flood in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, published in 2002. In 2001, he was an Assistant Professor, Education, at York College, Pennsylvania.

Michael Patrick McGough, instructor of honors course on "Newspaper: (Free Speech)" in the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Pittsburgh.

Michael T. McGough, Connecticut District Sales Manager, Lab-Volt Systems.

Michelle McGough, Lafayette, Louisiana, intake contact, Teen Challenge's Adolescent Female Center.

Mike McGough, Chief of the Apache Tribe, Teton Nation, listed in the 1997–98 directory of Sioux Federation Tribal Officers.

Mike McGough, President of his own company, PCI Energy Services, and Federation Medicine Man, Indian Guides.

Officer Mike McGough of the Rowlett, Texas, police department.

Mike McGough, carpenter, member of I.A.T.S.E. Local 489, Studio Mechanics of Greater Pittsburgh, PA.

Mike McGough, account director, Marketing General Inc., Alexandria, Virginia.

Mike McGough, contact person, radio station WVUD-FM, University of Dayton, Dayton, Ohio, listed in Catholic Radio Stations (U.S.).

Mike McGough, poet, author of The Man I Didn't Know.

Mitchell McGough, created the concept of Kemo Shark, a strong warrior who can find and kill cancer cells. Copyright © 1995, Kidscope, Inc.

Murray McGough, one of two radio announcers at St. Norbert College, Wisconsin, who were silenced during their reading of J. D. Salinger's "Catcher in the Rye." In protest, McGough went on the air the following Thursday and read sensual passages from the Bible.

Nancy Carter McGough, Calgary, BC, correspondent with The Lewis Legacy, the newsletter of the C. S. Lewis Foundation for Truth in Publishing.

N. S. McGough, Parmenter CA, co-author of Cigarette smoking and other risk factors for cervical dysplasia in southwestern Hispanic and non-Hispanic white women. Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev 1994;3(2):113–9; Becker, T. M., C. M. Wheeler, N. S. McGough, S.W. Jordan, M. Dorin, J. Miller, Cervical Papillomavirus Infection and Cervical Dysplasia in Hispanic, Native American, and non-Hispanic White Women in New Mexico, Epidemiology 1991.

Nancy J. McGough, grantee of real estate, Northampton, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, October, 1999..

Nathan McGough, Managed a band called Shack who recorded some songs at Linden Studios, Lake District, UK, in 1998.

Neil McGough, a native hoosier who grew up on a small farm in northeast Indiana; marketing manager of Central Soya Company, Fort Wayne, Indiana; a graduate of the University of Indianapolis with a Bachelor of Science in Economics.

Nicholas James McGough, architecture student, University of Bath, Bath, United Kingdom. 

Nico McGough, of Residence Wijnimport, Dorpskade, Holland, overseas agent for Taltsarni Wines, Australia.

Nicol McGough, M.A., A.D.T.R., L.P.C., is a dance/movement therapist and a member of the Academy of Dance Therapists. She is a full time faculty member of the Somatic Psychology Master of Arts. Faculty at Naropa University, Boulder, Colorado.

Nicole McGough, full time teacher in the Ecopsychology Certificate Programs for Graduate Degree Students and Post Graduate Degree Professionals at Naropa University, Boulder, Colorado.

Nina J. Mcgough, Bastrop, Louisiana, State Senator 1998.

Norma McGough, British Diabetic Association, Head of Diet Information Services.

Ottis McGough, dove hunter and retired game warden of the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks (MDWFP).

McGough, P. J., author of The Irwin-Ainsi and Carleton Irons, Popular Astron. 51, 511–518 (1943). From Index to Meteor Articles, MCC - MCI, published by the International Meteor Organization (IMO).

Pam McGough, chair of the community support committee and former alumni association president, heads up the "BACK MAC" campaign, MacNeese University, Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Pamela McGough, C/2Lt, 305th Cadet Wing, Louisiana Tech University, Ruston, LA.

Here is an obituary from the New York Times: "PATRICIA A. MEEKER—Patricia A. McGough. Died peacefully on August 4, 2010 in New York City. Beloved mother of Jeffrey S. Meeker (Cheryl Markowitz), Mill Valley, CA, Leslie Meeker (Enver Bismillah), US Virgin Islands, Amy Meeker, Greenwood Lake, NY and Warren J. Meeker (Michelle Adams), Mobile AL. Loving grandmother of Molly, Emma, Morgan, Hannah, Grace, Ryan, Joshua and Kylan. Mourned by her sister, Kathleen Hodge, and her nieces and nephew, Nancy Hodge, Kathleen Scherich and William Koresky. Graduate of Hunter College. Devoted Catholic, lover of Irish history and the performing arts, genealogist, and a wonderful ballroom dancer. May she rest in eternal peace." Patricia' sister, Joan McGough Koretsky, is listed above. Some family history is set out there.

Patricia McGough, demonstrator of Auntie's Tomato Salsa on The Electric Kitchen of the Hawaiian Electric Co., Inc.

Patrick McGough, Adjunct Lecturer, History/Irish Studies, at Queen's College, Belfast, and advisor to the Irish Studies Program. He is originally from county Louth.

Dr. Patrick T. McGeough, class of 1987, contributor to The King's College London Annual Fund.

Patrick T. McGough, New Jersey, chemical engineer, granted a marriage license to Michelle Y. Larrowe, New Jersey, engineer. Reported by The Courier Electronic Edition of the News, Findlay, Ohio, on Friday, August 13th 1999.

Paul McGeough, a journalist for The Sidney (Australia) Morning Herald. The coveted Graham Perkin Award for Australian Journalist of the Year for the year 1997 was awarded to him. I assume that Paul McGeogh, editor of the Sydney Morning Herald, and is the same person; and make the same assumption with regard to Paul McGeogh, a writer for The Age, Melbourne, Australia. See 'We heard the bang and saw the water'.

Paul McGough of Langley, Washington. Tournament bridge player.

Paul F. McGough, MD, Diagnostic Radiology, Rochester, Minnesota.

Paul F McGough received a degree in Modern Languages from Wadham College, Oxford University, in 1998.

Pauline McGough, author of Little Boys, a nice poem.

Pearse McGeough, Council Candidate, 1999 elections, Ardee, county Louth, Ireland.

Pete McGough, Emergency Planner in Alabama for FEMA’s Community & Family Preparedness Program.

Peter McGough operates ExecUTech Interiors in Yonkers, New York.

Peter McGough, Senior Editor, Flex Magazine.

Peter M. McGough, MD, Providence Medical Group, Seattle, Washington. Former President, Washington State Medical Association. Active in Medalia Health Care. I assume that the Peter Myles McGough, MD, in Family Practice, Redmond, Washington, is the same person.

Peter McGough, given credits for two movies on E Online.

Philip McGough, Chairman-elect, Campus Reengineering Committee, Sonoma State University, Rohnert Park, California.

Philip McGough played the Provost Marshall in British television's Series 3 - Sharpe's Gold, Battle and Sword. He played Sergeant Calder in Resurrection Of The Daleks' on Doctor Who (Season 21, story 134). There is a Philip McGough page on the website dedicated to the actors of British science fiction, fantasy, and cult TV shows.

Philip McGough, Petaluma, California. Member of the Academy of Legal Studies in Business.

Philip McGough, Petaluma, California, Watsu Practitioner (Water Shiatsu), i.e., aquatic body work.

Philip McGough, author of Statutory Limits on a Corporation's Right to Make Distributions to Shareholders: The Law of Distribution in the 1984 Revised Model Business Corporation Act, 21 Akron L. Rev. 27 (1987).

Phillip A. McGough, lawyer, North Little Rock, Arkansas (Pulaski County).

Phillip D. McGough, Nauvoo, Alabama, Master of Business Administration, Fall of 1997, Cameron University, Lawton, Oklahoma.

Quincy Adams Magoo.

Ralph McGough, of the Beechview section of Pittsburgh, PA, taught photography at the Boys Club on 45th Street in Lawrenceville. After his death in the late 1970s, he left his old negatives and pictures in the care of Pat Temple, who has published several of them as the Ralph McGough Collection on the internet on Pennsylvania Old Photos, including pictures of Ralph McGough in 1914 (from which I guess he was born sometime in 1906 or 1907) and 1920. Am obituary of Cyril McGough, age 13, born in May, 1887, to Silas A. McGough and his second wife, Mary R. Wharton, indicates that Cyril had a brother Ralph who would have been born about this time. See my page: McGoughs McGoughs and McGues in the 1900 Census of the United States—Pennsylvania under Altoona city (5th ward), Blair county. I could find no trace of this Ralph McGough in the census returns. (There is a Ralph McGough in the 1920 census of the 13th ward Pittsburgh (roll 1522, page 19b), age 34, born in Pennsylvania, a chief clerk for the city, with his wife, Mary, age 31, and no children.

Randi McGough, General Manager, Marriott Brighton Gardens, Austin, Texas.

Randy McGough, Sergeant, Ohio State Highway Patrol, investigator of a prison riot at the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility in Lucasville, Ohio.

Ray McGough teaches at Maghene College, Bundoran, county Donegal.

Raymond McGough operates Janus Cottage in Belleek, Fermanagh.

Rex McGough, University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia.

Richard McGough operates in Argentina de Aviacio'n S.A. (LAVIA S.A.), a manufacturing and maintenance operation of the Puelche, an improved version of an agricultural airplane formerly known as the Piper Pa - 25 Pawnee. Piper the patent of exclusive manufacture of the Pawnee. The Argentine company acquired the patents from Piper and manufactures the plane in the environs of the airport of Mendoza (the Plumerillo).

Rev. Richard McGough, minister of the Church of Christ in Hagerstown, Maryland. (Obituary of Paul M. Catherman in the Herald-Mail of October 25, 1999).

Richard McGough of Fayetteville, Ark., brother of Beverly D. Kelly who died in Las Vegas, Nevada, on December 21, 1998, after 60 years of residence in Las Vega s..

Richard McGough, plays the baker's partner in the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, Raw Deal.

Richard J. McGough, R. J. McGough & Assoc., plain clothes investigators, Nebraska.

Rick McGeough, recently retired head of law enforcement for the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.

Rick McGough elected President of Prescott, Arkansas, school board on October 28, 1998. Here is the biography he submitted for The Class of 1973 Prescott High School Ten Year Class Reunion: Richard L. (Rick) McGough Rt 3 Box 191 Prescott, AR 71857 Occupation: Salesman & Farmer Spouse: Debora L. McGough Spouse's Occupation: Housewife Children: Marcus James McGough - 2, Angela Renee' McGough - 6 mos Armed Service: Deer Hunting Honors: Got One Education: University of Texas School of Hard Knocks Travel Since High School: Colorado, Old Mexico, Las Vegas, Gulf Coast & Laneburg. He was a tri-valedictorian of the 1973 class of Prescott High School where he was listed in the program as Richard Lee McGough, 18 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. James B. McGough. For current information see the program of the 25th reunion of the class of 1973.

Riley M. McGough, a daughter born to G. Mitsch and Debbie McGough, Rush City, Wyoming, on April 26, 1999. Paternal grandmother is Monica McGough, Roseville, Wyoming.

1Lt Robert E. McGough lost his life on January 17, 1957, while flying USAF weather reconnaissance mission from Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska. (WB-50 48-093, 17 Jan 57, 58th WRS, Eielson AFB, AK). He was the son of Edward McGough and Ethel Chambers and was born on March 10, 1931. in Dana, LaSalle County, Illinois.

Robert McGough, a staff reporter for the Wall Street Journal. Robert McGough has been rated as an investment author by based on one investment idea.

Robert McGough, Coordinator for Planning and Partnerships, USA, Distance Learning Unit of the World Bank Group.

Robert McGough, DANTES Education Services Advisory Panel, Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama. DANTES means "Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support."

Robert McGough is a solicitor in the Company Law Department of Gordons Cranwick, Leeds, West Yorkshire, England. He is author of EU Get Serious on Cookies & Spam.

Robert J. McGough, Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer and Engineering, Michigan State University. Robert J. McGough, Ph.D. Research Associate, Department of Radiation Oncology, Duke University Medical Center, Durham, North Carolina; and member of faculty, staff, and students of Ultrasound Lab. Robert J. McGough, Jon W. Heim, Steven C. Gebhart, Brian F. Taylor, Thaddeus V. Samulski, and Charles A. Cain, Mode Scanniug with A 96-Element Ultrasound Phased Array Prototype: Experimental Results, Department of Radiation Oncology, Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC; R. J. McGough, M. L. Kessler, E. S. Ebbini, and C. A. Cain, Treatment Planning for Hyperthermia with Ultrasound Phased Arrays, IEEE Transactions on Ultrasonics, Ferroelectronics, and Frequency Control, November 1996, volume 43, issue 06, Special Issue on Therapeutic Ultrasound, page 1074; R. J. McGough, H. Wang, E. S. Ebbini, and C. A. Cain, "Mode scanning: heating pattern synthesis with ultrasound phased arrays," Int. J. Hyperthermia, 1994, volume 10.

Robert Morrin McGough, member of The New Zealand Institute of Valuers, Auckland.

Robert S. McGeough, lawyer, Harrington, Hoppe & Mitchell, Ltd., Warren, Ohio (Trumbull County).

Rod McGeogh, The National Chairman of Partners for the Australian law firm, Corrs, Chambers and Westgarth, has agreed to host two conferences in 2001, on law and Olympic Games host cities.

Rod McGough, known as "Father Goose" of GooseWorks Child Care Service by hundreds of parents since 1980.

Roger McGough, poet.

Ron McGough of Alabama, webmaster of Ron's Hank Williams Page.

Dean Rose McGough of Marymount College, Tarrytown, New York.

Sally Bryan McGough, lawyer, Santa Rosa, California.

Sandy McGough, Hollidaysburg Area YMCA Children’s Center, Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania, tutor for the America Reads Program.

Sarah McGough, Beamsville, Ontario, Canada, 1998 Entrance Scholar, Brock University, Ontario, Canada.

Sarina A. McGough, a 1993 graduate of Holy Cross University, recently received her master of arts degree in teaching secondary English from Fordham University’s Graduate School of Education. She is currently teaching eighth-grade English at Sleepy Hollow (N.Y.) Middle and High School.

Scott McGough, writer and summer camp counselor for academically gifted students.

Scott McGough is a writer of fantastic fiction. "Scott McGough is a former Magic: The Gathering continuity guru for Wizards of the Coast, Inc. His most recent novels are Chainer's Torment and Assassin's Blade, and he has contributed short stories to The Myths of Magic and The Dragons of Magic anthologies. McGough lives in Washington State."

Scott McGough, general manager of the TMPA Board, Denton, Texas.

Scott McGough, a real estate agent in Parker, Douglas County, Colorado.

Seamus McGeough, poet, Washington, D.C.

Seamus McGeough, Drumlane, Tullynahinera, Castleblayney, county Monaghan, Ireland, breeder of pedigree cattle.

Seamus and Christine McGough, National Marketing Directors of a networking marketing plan of Lifestyles products.

Sean McGough, graduate student, POLSIS, University of Birmingham, Edgbaston, Birmingham, England; chairman of The Political Studies Association Graduate Network of the United Kingdom.

Sean McGough, producer and engineer of Nervada - Lars Vegas on a compact disc..

Sean Patrick Alexander McGough. His sister thinks his parents "had just a *little* too much fun naming him. If you look closely, you can see that his initials are S.P.A.M. very funny, dad, hahaha."

Shana McGough, moderator of Workout Wear Exchange, a graduate of University of California, Santa Cruz, Calif., assistant editor of Fitness Management magazine.

Shannon McGough, instructor in Ballet, Marlboro College, Marlboro, Vermont.

Shannon McGough, 1999 student, Stephen F. Austin State University, Nacogdoches, Texas.

Sharon McGough, upright bass, vocals, Southern Comfort, an Alabama Bluegrass Music Association member, Lapine, Alabama

Sharyn McGough, teacher, Poway Unified School District, Mt. Carmel High School, San Diego CA.

Shaun McGough, Information Technology Consultant and Director, Los Angeles, CA.

Dr Shaun McGough, terrorism expert and lecturer in International Relations at Birmingham University, England; also an accomplished amateur boxer as were his brothers Jarlath, Martin and Jimmy.

Shawn McGough, fall 1998 class member, website design & implementation (icsa 409), Information Technology Department, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, New York.

Sheila McGough, Lawyer, Alexandria, Virginia. Subject of The Crime of Sheila McGough by Janet Malcolm (Alfred A. Knopf).

Sherry McGough, instructor in English 104, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa.

Sherry Lynn McGough, a freshman at Tarleton State University, became one of the first students in the nation to sign the new Master Promissory Note promulgated by the U.S. Department of Education. The note evidences a loan guaranteed by the Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corporation.

Sheryl D. McGough, Department of English, Iowa State University. Sheryl D. McGough, user of the Iowa State University Public Homepage Server.

Shona McGough, guest star on September 16, 1994 in the first show in the first series of the BBC2 TV show: Knowing Me, Knowing You, with Alan Partridge.

Sonya McGough and Peter McGough, founders of The Children's Liver Disease Foundation, Birmingham, UK.

Stanley McGeogh, actor who played the SHADO security man, in the E.S.P. (#15) episode and a SHADO guard in the Mindbender (#25) episode of the television series, U F O. In the latter episode, his name is spelled McGeagh in the credits.

Stephanie McGough Coelho, a 1992 graduate of Radford University, was a case manager for Big Brothers/Big Sisters in Virginia Beach, Virginia, in the Spring of 1998. She resided in Chesapeake, Virginia, with her husband Peter.

Stephen McGeogh, Glasgow Polytechnic Chess Club, Glasgow, Scotland.

Rev. Stephen McGough, Our Lady of Lourdes Church, Montoursville, PA.

Stephen C. McGough, James Ensor's "The Entry of Christ into Brussels in 1889" (doctoral dissertation, Stanford University, 1981), Outstanding Dissertations in the Fine Arts, New York, Garland, 1985.

Stephen J. McGough, website designer, Nassau.

Stephen McGough, in March 1995, left his position as Director of the Museum of Art at the University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon, to direct the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento. See Stephen C. McGough, James Ensor's "The Entry of Christ into Brussels in 1889", New York: Garland Press, 1985.

Steve McGough, Premier Safety & Service, Inc., Oakdale, PA, member of American Industrial Hygiene Association, Pittsburgh section.

Monsignor Steve McGough (Diocese of Scranton), the Catholic Chaplain of the United Campus Ministry Program at Lycoming College, Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

Steve McGough, Inttek Internet Technologies, Inc., Wilmington, NC, member of the North Carolina World Trade Association.

Steve McGough, Sound Engineer, Stebbing Recording Centre Ltd., Ponsonby, Auckland Studio Centre, Radio New Zealand, Auckland, New Zealand.

Steve McGough, demonstrator in a Computer Networks and Communications course, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.

Steve or Brenda McGough, Cave Creek, AZ, rent out Big Sky Resort Home in Montana.

Stewart M. McGough, lawyer, Scolaro, Shulman, Cohen, Lawler & Burstein, P.C., Syracuse, New York (Onondaga County).

Stuart McGough, candidate for an MSc in Nursing in the UK.

Susan McGough, director for Alumni Continuing Education, Pennsylvania State University.

Superintendent McGough, a character in the Monty Python sketch 'Summarize Proust Competition.'

Susan McGough Rule, Bechtel, Vt., a 1969 alumna of Heidelberg College, Tiffin, Ohio, is a music teacher and performer in the central Vermont area.

Suzanne McGough, M.S., R.D. Extension Associate for FSNEP / FSQA, Kentucky Family and Consumer Sciences Team, University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service.

D’Arcy, E., McGough, T. and Tsolacos, S. (1997) ‘An Empirical Investigation of Retail Rents in Five European Cities’. Journal of Property Valuation and Investment; Éamonn D'Arcy, Tony McGough, Sotiris Tsolacos 'Modelling the determinants of office rental values in major European cities'; Sotiris Tsolacos, Tony McGough, 'Forecasting commercial rental values using ARIMA models'(University of Reading, Department of Economics, Discussion Papers in Urban and Regional Economics, Series C).

Monsignor T. J. McGough, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, who died in 1997 at the age of 96. He was the oldest living priest in the Harrisburg Diocese. UMI Obituaries,

Teresa McGough, who in 1996 resided in Sellersville, Pennsylvania, was a member of the class of 1997 of Pennridge High School of Perkasie, Bucks county, Pennsylvania.

Terry McGough, Vice President Underwriting and Marketing, American Re, reinsurance.

Thelma E. McGough, proprietor of LaVonne's, a shop in North Fort Dodge, Iowa.

Thomas McGeough, lawyer, Newark, New Jersey.

Very Reverend Thomas McGeough, PP, VF, Parochial House, 9 Newry Rd, Crossmaglen, Newry, Co Down, BT35 9HH, is a priest within the Catholic Archdiocese of Armagh, county Armagh, Ireland, stationed at the Church of St Patrick, Crossmaglen (Creggan Upper).

Thomas McGough, in 1914, was the head of the delivery department of The People's Store in Altoona, Pennsylvania.

Thomas J. McGough, Falcon Heights, Minnesota, President and owner of McGough Construction Co., Inc. He is past Building Division Chairman of the Associated General Contractors, and has served seven years on the Board of Directors. He is a Hamline University Trustee, Director of TCF Financial Corporation, and TCF National Bank of MN. The Capital Improvement Program Committee is made up from a broad base of citizens, and is responsible for advising the board on Capital Improvement Projects. Appointed in 1997 to the Capital Improvement Program Committee of the Ramsey County Board of Commissioners.

Thomas J. McGough Jr., McGough Companies, Board of Directors, Business Economic Education Foundation, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Thomas P. McGough, Florharn Park, New Jersey, member of New Jersey State Board of Education.

Thomas McGough, producer of the television show Paranormal Borderline.

Thomas McGough, member of part time faculty, University of Loyola Chicago's Master of Science in Integrated Marketing Communications Program.

Thomas McGough, 1996 graduate of Macomb Mathematics Science Technology Center in Warren, Michigan. Joined the United States Marine Corps.

Thomas McGough, Florham Park, Morris County, New Jersey. Certified public accountant. Appointed in 1995 to the New Jersey State Board of Education. Beneficial Corporation, 1976 to 1997; served in several senior positions including senior vice president of human resources and administration, senior vice president finance and treasurer & senior vice president controller BS-business administration, Seton Hall University MBA-New York University former president, Florham Park Board of Education 1993 Leadership New Jersey Fellow, active in civic and community endeavors married, two children.

Thomas F. McGough, MD, Family Practice, Alexandria, Virginia.

Thomas H. McGough, accordionist, Columbus, Indiana.

Thomas L. McGough , of Edmonton, Alberta, died at age 84 on October 10, 2001. He served as a sapper in WWII, and was a member of the Kingsway Branch of the Canadian Legion. (From Legion Magazine.)

Timothy F. McGough left the New Jersey Department of Transportation for a position in the private sector. McGough, who became Executive Director for Clean Air Programs in June 1998, left state service to join the engineering firm Schoor DePalma of Manalapan.

Timothy P. McGough, gunnery sergeant, US Marine Corps, was stationed in Japan in March, 2004, as Regional News Director of American Forces Network Tokyo. He is a Marine Combat Correspondent. His father was Thomas Joseph McGough from Philadelphia (deceased 02/22-80). He married Susan Carins from Ardmore, PA. They raised seven children.

Todd McGough, Vice President, Phi Epsilon Kappa Fraternity, Delta Tau Chapter, University of Pittsburgh at Bradford.

Tom McGough, associate broker, RE/MAX Metro Realty, Seattle, Washington. (My son.)

Tom McGough, member of Society for Human Resource Management, University of New Haven Student Chapter, Connecticut.

Tom McGough, elected in 1999 a School Director for Plum Schools, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.

Tom McGough, MS, Executive Director, Alzheimer Resource Center, Tallahassee, Florida.

Tricia McGough, Publications Coordinator for the Annenberg Institute for School Reform, Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island.

V. P. McGough, Manager, PPS (Physical Plant Services) of the International Crops Research Institute (India?); co-author with, V. M. Rao, KV. Narayana, and W. B. Symons, of Manpower Management—a PC-based Approach.

Valerie McGough, a student teacher and author of a physical education lesson plan in rhythmic movements for children (ages 7–9) called: Generals and Majors, published on the Irish internet site: EUROLesson, sponsored in part by Mary Immaculate College, Limerick, Ireland.

Virginia McGough, co-author of Multizone Photorefractive Keratectomy, a paper presented at the Melbourne Ophthalmic Alumni Meeting, Melbourne, Australia, July, 1996; and Three Multizone Photorefractive Keratectomy Algorithms for Myopia. Noel A. Alpins, FRACO, FRCOphth, FACS; Hugh R. Taylor, MD, FRACO, FRACS; David G. Kent, FRACO, FRACS; Yi Lu, MD; Mary Liew, MSc; Terry Couper, Dip App Sc (Orth); Virginia McGough, B Appl Sc (Orth) for the Melbourne Excimer Laser Group.

Dr. W. Edward McGough of Colts Neck, New Jersey, who died in 1991 at age 62. Psychiatry professor at the Rutgers University School of Medicine. UMI Obituaries,

W. Thomas McGough, Jr., lawyer, Reed Smith Shaw & McClay LLP, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (Allegheny County); President, Allegheny County Bar Association.

W. M. McGough was president of the Rotary Club of Greenville, Mississippi in 1956 and 1957.

Walter McGough, Acting Special Assistant (Threat Assessment), ODDR&E, consultant to Defense Science Board Task Force on Secrecy (1970).

Walter Thomas McGough (1900–1997), legendary trial lawyer of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and pioneer of class-action litigation. He was married to Jane Fitzpatrick McGough and left a son Hugh Fitzpatrick. As a look at McGoughs and McGues in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, 1856–1906, will show, Fitzpatrick and Hugh Fitzpatrick are names in my great grandfather's family. UMI Obituaries,

Walter Thomas McGough, author of From here to Calico Hill : a family oral history as told to Hugh Fitzpatrick McGough.

Wanda McGough, who lives in rural Oklahoma near the southwest Missouri border, "says she's no flag-burning eco-nut," but nonetheless complained about effluent from a chicken plant flowing from her water faucet.

Warren Mcgough, poet.

Judge William McGough, a character in the episode 3 of the TV show The Practice, Trial and Error, and episodes 21 and 22 of Ally McBeal, Being There and Alone Again.

Will McGough of Birmingham, Alabama, student at the University of Georgia who expects to graduate in the Fall of 2003. His website is graced by a beautiful picture of the famous water mill in Mtn. Brook, Alabama.

William McGough was among 168 persons killed in a coal mine explosion on February 16, 1909 at the West Stanley Colliery, in the county of Durham, England. The colliery was situated in the North-West of the county of Durham, about six miles to the west of Chester-le-Street. See the Report on the Explosion at West Stanley Colliery, especially Appendix, Names of Victims and Cause of Death.

William McGough is an Adjunct Instructor, Law Enforcement, at Gloucester County College, Sewell, New Jersey.

William and Debbie McGough own and operate The Crown and the Thistle Books, P. O. Box 78, Albany, WI 53502, which specializes in out-of-print books. William McGough grew up in Colton, California. He is the grandson of Thomas Newton (Newt) McGough and Vivian Cox McGough, and the great-grandson of W. C. (Billy) McGough of McGough Springs in Eastland county in central Texas.

William E. McGough, age 48, born in California to parents born in Ireland, a Catholic Priest, is listed in the 1920 census of Stockton city, San Joaquin, California (roll 143, page 247).

William Marion McGough Jr., MD, Family Practice, Reidsville, North Carolina. Medical Degree: University of Mississippi Medical School, Jackson, Miss. Residency: Moses Cone Hospital, Greensboro, NC.

William J. and Traci J. McGough bought and sold property in St. Augustine, Florida, in March, 2000.

Willie "Billy" McGough Jr., Bueron, 1951 graduate of Stetson University, DeLand, Florida.

Wilson N. McGough, 2d Lt., 303rd Bombardment Group Personnel, 09–28–42 Bales' Crew.

Woodrow McGough, in a 1925 class picture at Laneburg School, Prescott, Arkansas.

Brother Xavier McGough, O.S.B., leads a monastic life at Monasterio de Nuestra Señora de la Soledad, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, México.

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