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Kings and Lords of Dal Araide

This page is a companion to the pages on kings of Ulidia and kings of the Ui Eathach Cobha (or Ui Echach Cobo) in county Down. The sources of those two page are the same as the sources of this page, and I suggest that the reader look at those two pages first. The background material and explanations are not repeated here.


 Table of Contents 

Polity of Ulidia

John Francis Byrne, in his Irish Kings and High-Kings, says at page 107:

"The polity of Ulaid was somewhat peculiar, in that the over-kingship was not confined to one dominant dynasty, but was shared between those of the Dal Fiatach in eastern Down, the Dal nAraidi of Antrim and the Ui Echach Cobo of western Down. The position of the Dal Riata in the Glens of Antrim, whose kings resided in their Argyllshire colony, was also anomalous, as was, to a lesser extent, that of the border state of Conailli Muirtheimne in Louth."

For more information on the Dal Riata (as distinguished from the Dal nAraide), see my page on Scots Kings.

"The dynasty of Dal nAraidi, whose kings resided at Raith Mor east of Antrim town in the district known as Mag Line, emerged as the dominant group among the Cruthin, although the Ui Echach Cobo (in the baronies of Iveagh, County Down) also supplied some over-kings of Ulaid." Byrne, page 108.


Kings and Lords of Dal Araide

Persons whose names appear in bold in the first column were also kings of Ulidia, and their names also appear in that table. Because I have included in this table many names of persons who were not "kings" of the Dal nAraide, but lesser chiefs, or a relative of a king, I have not included a column for a numerical designation of the persons listed. In cross references, I often use the date of death as given by F. J. Byrne in his Irish Kings and High-Kings rather than a number assigned in a table. As time allows, I intend to increase the cross references among my several tables.

Tibraide Tireach M10.1   M10.1 The first year of the reign of Cairbre Cinncait, after he had killed the nobility, except a few who escaped from the massacre in which the nobles were murdered by the Aitheach Tuatha. These are the three nobles who escaped from them at that time: ... Tibraide Tireach, from whom are the Dal Araidhe; ... And as to these, it was in their mothers' wombs they escaped. ... and Aine, daughter of the king of Saxony, was the mother of Tibraide Tireach.
    Laghaire Irish Kings #128. Son of Niall of the nine Hostages. Irish Kings #126. Father of Fiachra, king of Dal Araidhe. See: Laeghaire (Leary).
Fiachra M478.1 Fiachra M478.1 Fiachra, son of Laeghaire, King of Dal Araidhe, was among the slayers of Oilioll Molt, Irish Kings #129. His brother, Lughaidh, son of Laeghaire, became Irish Kings #130.


(Eochaid MacCondla)

T534.3, M547.2, M548.9, U553.1 and U558.4 (died). Byrne: died 553. (Keating says this Eochaidh was the first king of the Dal Araide.) Eochaidh Cobha, Eochu, Eocha, Ahagh Mac Conlay, Eathach, Eachach maic Connlai Also King of Ulidia 4A. Son of Conlae, son of Coelub. "T553.1 Bass Eachach maic Connlai, rig Ulad, a quo h-Ui Eachach Ulad natí sunt.: [The death of Eachach, son of Connlaigh, king of Ulidia, from whom descend the tribe of h-Ui Eachach Ulad.] U553.1 "Death of Eochu son of Conlaed i.e. king of Ulaid, in whom the Uí Echach Ulad originate." M547.2 The King of Ulidia, Eochaidh, son of Connla, son of Caelbhadh, son of Crunn Badhrai, died. The Annals of Clonmanoise place the death in 550: "A.D. 550. Ahagh Mac Conlay, King of Ulster, of whom Ivehagh is called." M548.10 The death of Eochaidh, son of Connlo, King of Ulidia, from whom are the Ui Eathach Uladh.—Tighernach.
Aedh Dubh M558.1. Byrne says: died 588 Aed Dub

King of Ulidia 7A. M558.1 After Diarmaid [Irish Kings #133], the son of Fearghus Cerrbheoil, had been twenty years in sovereignty over Ireland, he was slain by Aedh Dubh, son of Suibhne, King of Dal Araidhe, at Rath Beag, in Magh Line (Rathbeg in Antrim). Aedh Dubh was killed by Fiachna Lurgan, son of Baetan.

Baetan Caech

(Baetan Caech MacEchach of Dal-N-Araidi)



Son of Coelbad, Ulster Kings #47 or son of Eochaidh (Eochaid MacCondla), son of Conlae, son of Coelub). Father of Fiachna, kings of Ulidia #10. Baetan Caech, king of Dal nAraidi. SS#9064



U597.2, M622.5 (fell in battle). Byrne says he died in 626. Fiachna Lurgan, Fiachnaea Lurgan Kings of Ulidia #10. Son of Baetán Caech. Father of Eochaid Iarlaithe, who was also a king of Ulidia. O'Hart says he was contemporary with Aedh, Irish Kings #140, who ruled from 568 to 594. M622.5 The battle of Lethed Midinn, at Drung, was fought by Fiachna, son of Deman, Lord of Dal Fiatach, against Fiachna, son of Baedan, King of Ulidia. The battle was gained over Fiachna, son of Baedan, and he fell therein. SS# 9061
Congal Claen M634.4 (fell in battle). Byrne: 629 to 637. Mac Niocaill says Congal Caech died in 639. Conal Ciaon, [Connadh Cer?] Congal Caech ?, Congal Cloen Also King of Ulidia #13. Conal Ciaon, son of Scanlan Mor of Moyrath [Moira]. M634.4 Congal Claen, son of Scannlan, King of Ulidia fell in battle. T637.1 Congal Caech rí Ulad. "AD 637 Battle of Magh Rath (Moira, Co. Down) This was a historically important battle over the kingship of Ireland, in which the Scottish kingdom of Dalriada lost its Irish territories. Congal Cloen ('Squint-eyed' from a bee-sting), king of the Ulaid, and his Scottish allies fought against High King Domnall, son of Aedh Ainmire. The three virtues of that battle are the defeat of Congal Cloen in his falsehood by Domnall in his truth, and that Suibne the Madman became mad, and that the brain of forgetfulness was taken out of the head of Cennfaelad." Dates in Irish Myth and Legend.
Scandal Byrne says this Scandal died in 646. Scanlan Son of Becc, son of Fiachra Caech. son of Baetan, son of Eochaid who died in 553. [Also known as Scanlan Mor or Scandal Sciathlethan, and was father of Congal Claen (Congal Caech), #13 on my list of the Kings of Ulidia.]
Cathasach Estimated 655.   Son of Fiachna Lurgan who died in 625, brother of Eochaid Iarlaithe who died in 666. (From Mac Niocaill's table.)
Maelcaeich M665.4 (Mac Niocaill says he died in 666.) Maelcaeich, Mael Caich M665.4 Maelcaeich, son of Scanna (Scandal), chief of the Cruithne of Dal Araidhe of the race of Ir, died. Mac Niocaill says: "Congal Caech, become king of Ulidia, seems to have opted out of the problems of the Dal nAraide, and was succeeded as king of these latter by Mael Caich son of Scandal ... " (page 89). U666.2 Mael Caích son of Scannal, of the Cruithin, and Mael Dúin son of Scannal, king of Cenél Cairpri, died.
Congal Ceannfoda M646.3, U674.1, M673.3 (slain) Congal Ceannfada, Congal, king of the Dal nAraide and Ulster, Congal Cendfota, Congal Cennfhatar Congal Cennfhatar, son of Dúnchad is #17 on O'Hart's lists of kings of Ulidia. See Irish Kings #146. M646.3 Maelcobha, son of Fiachna, son of Deman, King of Ulidia, was slain by Congal Ceannfoda, son of Dunchadha. M673.3 Congal Ceannfoda, son of Dunchadh, King of Ulidia, was slain by Beag Boirrche. SS#9105.

Eochaid Iarlaithe

(Eochaid Iarlaithe)

Died 666. Eochaid Iarlaithe Son of Fiachna Lurgan, King of Ulidia (died 626). Father of Lethlobar. SS# 9060. U666.3 Eochaid Iarlaithe, king of the Cruithin, dies.
Cummascach Estimated 670.   Son of Scandal who died in 646, and brother of Mael Caich (666), Dungal (681) and Congal Caech (639), according to Mac Niocaill's table.
Cathasach M680.4. Mac Niocaill says he died in 682.   M680.4 The battle of Rath Mor Maighe Line was gained over the Britons, wherein were slain Cathasach, son of Maelduin, chief of the Cruithni Dal Araidhe, and Ultan, son of Dicolla. Mac Niocaill says that the Cathusach who was king of Dal nAraide in 668 was the son of Luirgene. (page 101). His genealogical table, page 138, shows the father of the Cathasach who died in 682 to be Mael Caich, who died in 666.
Dungal Eilni Died 683. Mac Niocaill: 681.   Son of Scandal who died in 646.
Ailill Byrne says he died in 690 Olioll Son of Dungal Eilni.
Fearghus M689.3, U692.3 (died) Fergus Son of Aedan. Father of Mael-Teglaig Oiriu. Also described as king of Ui Echach Coba. #18 on O'Hart's list of the kings of Ulidia. M689.3 Fearghus, son of Lodan, King of Ulidia, was slain by the Ui Eachdhach people of Iveagh. SS#9268
Aedh Aired M696.3   M696.3 A battle was fought at Tulach Garraisg, in Fearnmhagh, wherein were slain ... Aedh Aired, chief of Dal Araidhe.
Congalach Rough estimate: 697   Son of Cummasach, son of Scandal who died in 646, according to Mac Niocaill.


Cú Chuarán mac Dúngail Eilni

M706.2, T708.1 (killed) Curcuaran, Cu Cuarin, Cu Cuarain, [Cinaeth, Conchenn?], Cu Chuaran (Byrne) Also King of Ulidia #20.Son of Congal (Congalach). M706.2 Cucuaran, King of the Cruithni and of Ulidia, was killed by Finnchu hUa Ronain. T708.1 Cu Cuarain, rí Cruithne Ulad [killed]. Byrne and Mac Niocaill list him as son of Dungal Eilni.



Died 709

Lethlobar mac Echach


Son of Eochaid Iarlaithe (died 666), son of Fiachnae Lurgan (died 626). Father of Indrechtach (died 741). Slain in the battle of Mag Eilne "between Bush and Bann." SS#9059.
Fiachra Cossalach Died 710.    
Eochaidh Estimated 715. Eochaid mac Echach Son of Eochaid Iarlaithe who died in 666. Brother of Lethlobar who died in 709.
Dub da Inber Died 727   Son of Congalach, son of Cummascah, son of Scandal who died in 646.

M749.9 (slain). Byrne and Mac Niocaill say he died in 749. Relinquished kingship of Dal nAraide in 735.

Cathussach, Cathasach Also king of Ulidia #22. Nephew of Cucuaran. Son of Olioll (Ailill) who died in 690. M749.9 Cathasach, son of Ailell, King of Ulidia, was slain at Rath Bethech (Rathveagh in Antrim).. Relinquished the throne in favor of Indrechtach on becoming king of Ulidia in 735. (Mac Niocaill, page 137.)



Died 741 Indrechtach Son of Lethlobar, who died in 709. Father of Tommaltach, kings of Ulidia #25. SS# 9058.
Flaithroe Died 774    
Cinaedh Ciarrge Died 776 Cinaed of Carraig Son of Cathasach who died in 749. "In 776, [the Dal nAriade] indulged in the luxury of another [internecine] battle at Drong, in which Cinaed of Carraig, king of Dal nAraide, and his supporter Dungal, grandson of Fergus Forcraid and king of the Ui Tuirtre, fell to Tomaltach son of Indrechtach and his backer, Eochaid son of Fiachna." (Mac Niocaill, page 139.)


(Tommaltach MacIndrechtaichaich, King of Ulster)

M771.13. Byrne and Mac Niocaill say he died in 790. Tommaltach Also King of Ulidia #25A. M771.13 Another battle was fought between the Dal Araidhe, by Eochaidh, son of Fiachna, and Tomaltach, son of Innreachtach, where Cinaedh Ciarrge, son of Cathasach, and Dunghal Ua Fearghusa, and others besides them, were slain.
Breasal M787.9. Mac Niocaill says he died in 792.   M787.9 Breasal, son of Flathrai (Flaithroe), lord of Dal Araidhe died. Flaithroe died in 774.
Eochaid M822.6, U824.7   M822.6 Eochaidh, son of Breasal, lord of Dal Araidhe of the North, was slain by his own people.
Maelbreasail M823.19   M823.19 Maelbreasail, son of Ailell Cobha, lord of Dal Araidhe, died.



  M831.8 Cinaedh, son of Eochaidh, lord of Dal Araidhe of the North, was slain. M831.9
Flannagan M847.15   M847.15 Flannagan, son of Eochaidh, lord of North Dal Araidhe, was slain by the Cinel Eoghain.


(Lethlobar MacLoingsech, co-ruler of Ulster ?)

M826.10, M871.8 (dies). Byrne says he died in 873. Lethlobar Also King of Ulidia #34A. Son of Loingsech, son of Tomaltach (died 790). M826.10 A battle was gained by Leathlobhar, son of Loingseach, King of Ulidia, over the foreigners. M871.8 Leathlobhar, son of Loingseach, King of Ulidia, died, after a good life. Also listed as a king of Dal nAriade.
Muireadhach M892.9   M892.9 A battle was gained at Rath Cro by Maelfinnia, son of Flannagan, over Aiddeidh, son of Laighne, and over the Dal Araidhe, in which were slain Muireadhach, son of Maeleitigh, lord of Dal Araidhe, and Ainniarraidh, son of Maelmoicheirghe, son of Innreachtach, lord of Leath Chathail, with three hundred along with them; and Aiddeidh escaped, severely wounded
Cenn Etig Byrne says he died in 900.   Son of Lethlobar (29 C). Also king of Ulster 36a.
Bec Ua Leathlobhair     M904.6 Bec Ua Leathlobhair, lord of Dal-Araidhe,

Loingseach Ua Leathlobhair

M 912.3, M912.4, U914.3, U932.4 (died) Loingsech Also king of Ulidia #39C. Son of Cenn Etig (36a C), son of Lethlobar (29 C). Loingsech grandson of Lethlobar, king of Dál Araidi. M912.3 An army was led by Niall, son of Aedh Finnliath, into Dal-Araidhe, in the month of June precisely. Loingseach Ua Leathlobhair, lord of Dal-Araidhe, met them at Freghabhail where he was defeated by Niall; and he lost his brother in the conflict, i. e. Flathrua Ua Leathlobhair.
Ceallach M941.8   M941.8 Ceallach, son of Bec, lord of Dal-Araidhe, was killed at Oentrobh by his own tribe.
Aed U972.1. M978.3. Byrne says he died in 972. Aedh, Aod Also king of Ulidia #45. U972.1. A battle between the Ulaid and the Dál Araidi in which fell the king of the Province, i.e. Aed son of Loingsech, and others. M978.3 Aedh, son of Loingseach, king of the province of Ulidia, slain by Eochaidh, son of Ardgar.
Leathlobhar Ua Fiachna M977.4   M977.4 Leathlobhar Ua Fiachna, lord of Dal-Araidhe, was killed.
Eochaidh ? M978.3   M978.3 A battle between the Ulidians and Dal-Araidhe, wherein the king of the province, i.e. Aedh, son of Loingseach, and many others, were slain by Eochaidh, son of Ardgar [of the Dal-Araidhe]. King of Ulidia #46.
Flathrui Ua Loingsigh M985.9   M985.9 Flathrui Ua Loingsigh, lord of Dal-Araidhe, was slain by his own tribe.
Donnchadh Ua Loingsigh, M1003.12   M1003.12 Donnchadh Ua Loingsigh, lord of Dal-Araidhe, and royal heir of Ulidia, was slain by the Cinel-Eoghain.
Domnall ua Loingsigh M1015.9, U1016.4 Domhnall, son of Loingseach. A battle between the Ulidians and the Dál Araide, and the Dál Araide were defeated. There fell therein Domnall ua Loingsigh, king of Dál Araide ...
Conchobhar Ua Loingsigh M1046.5, T1046.4 Concobar M1046.5 Conchobhar Ua Loingsigh, lord of Dal-Araidhe, was slain. T1046.4 Concobar h-Úa Longsich, rí Dal n-Araidhe, do marbad la mac n-Domnaill h-Ui Loingsigh a Laignib.
Domhnall Ua Loingsigh M1064.4, 5.  

M1065.4 Brodar, the enemy of Comhghall (it was by him the king was killed at Beannchair), was slain by the lord of Dal-Araidhe [Domhnall Ua Loingsigh]. M1065.5 Domhnall Ua Loingsigh, lord of Dal-Araidhe, and Muircheartach Ua Maelfabhaill, lord of Carraig-Brachaidhe, were slain by the Ui-Meith.

Ua Eochaidén U1070.3   Ua Eochaidén, king of Dál Araide, was killed by his own people.
Ua Loingsigh M1077.4   M1077.4 Ua Loingsigh, lord of Dal-Araidhe, was slain by the Dal-Araidhe themselves.
Finnchas Ua Loingsigh U1113.3 Findchaise ua Loingsigh M1113.5 Finnchas Ua Loingsigh, lord of Dal-Araidhe ... died after penance. U1113.3 Findchaise ua Loingsigh, king of Dál Araide, died in repentance.
Donnchadh Ua Loingsigh M1114.4, U1114.4 Donnchad ua Loingsigh M1114.4 Donnchadh Ua Loingsigh, lord of Dal-Araidhe, died. U1114.4Donnchad ua Loingsigh, king of Dál Araide,
Aedh Ua Loingsigh M1130.7, U1130.5 Aed ua Loingsigh M1130.7 An army was led by Ua Lochlainn into Ulidia. The Ulidians assembled to give them battle. When they approached each other, a fierce battle was fought between them. The Ulidians were finally defeated and slaughtered, together with Aedh Ua Loingsigh, lord of Dal-Araidhe.
Domhnall Ua Loingsigh M1141.6, M1156.16   M1141.6 Domhnall Ua Loingsigh, lord of Dal-Araidhe, was slain by the Crotraighi. M1156.16 Ua Loingsigh, lord of Dal-Araidhe, was slain by the Cinel-Eoghain.
Cuuladh M1158.10   M1158.10 Cuuladh, son of Deoraidh Ua Flainn, lord of Ui-Tuirtre and Dal-Araidhe, the Guaire Aidhne of the north of Ireland for hospitality, died.
Cooey O'Flynn M1176.6 Cu-maighi Ua Flainn M1176.6 Cooey O'Flynn, Lord of Hy-Tuirtre, Firlee, and Dalaradia, was slain by Cumee, his own brother, and the Firlee. U1176.10 Cu-maighi Ua Flainn, king of Ui-Tuirtri and Fir-Li and Dal-Araidhe, was killed by Cu-Midhe, his own brother and by the Fir-Li.


Kings and Lords of Dal Araide
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